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== Current Research Topic ==
== Current Research Topic ==
3. '''Text Customization for Readability (TC4R)'''
3. '''Text Customization for Readability (TC4R)'''
* [ TC4R Report Draft]
* [ TC4R Symposium main page] on the WAI website
* [ TC4R Symposium main page] on the WAI website
* [ Call for Proposals] on the WAI website
* [ Call for Proposals] on the WAI website

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Welcome to our internally facing list of research topics. You'll see that we have those which are completed at the bottom, while the ones we are currently focusing on are at the top. Those under discussion are listed in chronological order in the middle.

We'd like to invite anyone to propose a new topic, by adding it to the bottom of the 'Prosed' list. But you'll need to use our template for creating new topics to do this.

Have Fun!

Current Research Topic

3. Text Customization for Readability (TC4R)

4. Easy to Read (e2r)

Research Topic Next Up

5. Topic 5 TBA / Topic 5 Timeline

6. Topic 6 TBA / Topic 6 Timeline

Proposed Research Topics (in Chronological Order of Creation)

The following is an initial, non-exhaustive list of proposed research topics. It will be continually expanded and refined by RDWG in the coming weeks:

Note: Please use the Template for creating new topics.

Completed Research Topics

  1. Benchmarking Web Accessibility Metrics (Automated Metrics, Evaluation, Benchmarking.)
  2. Mobile Accessibility Mobile