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(Completed Research Topics)
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== Completed Research Topics ==
== Completed Research Topics ==
1. '''[[Benchmarking Web Accessibility Metrics]]''' (Automated Metrics, Evaluation, Benchmarking.)</span>
#'''[[Benchmarking Web Accessibility Metrics]]''' (Automated Metrics, Evaluation, Benchmarking.)
2. '''[[Mobile Accessibility]]''' [[Mobile]] / <del>[[Mobile Accessibility Call]]</del> / <del>[[Mobile_Pre_CFP]]</del> / [[Mobile Topic Timeline]]; <del>including [[Accessible Mobile Web Applications]] and [[Touch Interfaces]]</del>. Editors will be [[User:sharper| Simon Harper]], [[User:yyesilad| Yeliz Yesilada]] and [[User:Pthiessen|Peter Thiessen]].
#'''[[Mobile Accessibility]]''' [[Mobile]]

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Current Research Topic

3. Text Customization for Readability (TC4R)

4. Easy to Read (e2r)

Research Topic Next Up

5. Topic 5 TBA / Topic 5 Timeline

6. Topic 6 TBA / Topic 6 Timeline

Proposed Research Topics (in Chronological Order of Creation)

The following is an initial, non-exhaustive list of proposed research topics. It will be continually expanded and refined by RDWG in the coming weeks:

Note: Please use the Template for creating new topics.

Completed Research Topics

  1. Benchmarking Web Accessibility Metrics (Automated Metrics, Evaluation, Benchmarking.)
  2. Mobile Accessibility Mobile