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[ Copyrights], and [ Privacy Policy] associated with this wiki.
[ Copyrights], and [ Privacy Policy] associated with this wiki.
== Current Research Topic ==
2. <span style="background-color:yellow;"> '''[[Mobile Accessibility]]''' [[Mobile]] / <del>[[Mobile Accessibility Call]]</del> / <del>[[Mobile_Pre_CFP]]</del> / [[Mobile Topic Timeline]]; <del>including [[Accessible Mobile Web Applications]] and [[Touch Interfaces]]</del>. Editors will be [[User:sharper| Simon Harper]], [[User:yyesilad| Yeliz Yesilada]] and [[User:Pthiessen|Peter Thiessen]].
== Research Topic Next Up ==
3. '''Text Customization for Readability (TC4R)'''
* [ TC4R Symposium main page] on the WAI website
* [ Call for Proposals] on the WAI website
* [[Text Customization Symposium draft page]] ''(outdated)'' was used for editing from the first published version to the second of the main page & CfP
* [[Topic 3 Timeline]] includes Topic 4
* [[Topic 3 pre-call]] has notes
* [[Text Customization|Text Customization topic proposal]] ''(outdated)'' is an old internal planning page
* Editors will be [ Shawn Henry], [ David Sloan]
4. '''Easy to Read (e2r)'''
* [ e2r Symposium main page] on the WAI website - TBD
* [ Call for Proposals] on the WAI website - TBD
* [[Easy2Read_Symposium_draft_page]] currently has the draft Call for Papers following the structure of topic 3.
* Topic 4 timeline is included in [[Topic 3 Timeline]]
* [[Topic 4 pre-call]] holds the condensed topic descripton - to be included into the main page and the Call
* [[Easy_to_Read]] holds the original topic discussion - to be tranfered into the main page and the Call
* Editors will be [ Klaus Miesenberger], [ Andrea Petz] and [ Birgit Peböck] (provisionally).
5. Topic 5 TBA / [[Topic 5 Timeline]]
6. Topic 6 TBA / [[Topic 6 Timeline]]
== Proposed Research Topics (in Chronological Order of Creation) ==
The following is an initial, non-exhaustive list of proposed research topics. It will be continually expanded and refined by RDWG in the coming weeks:
* [[Accreditation Methods]] (Accreditation, Accessibility, Certification.)
* [[Authoring Accessibility]] (Simple, Authoring Language, Rapid Development.)
* [[Benchmarking Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools]] (Evaluation, Benchmarking, Metrics, Samples.)
* [[Easy to Read]] (Guidelines, Language, Internationalization.)
* [[Guideline Specification Languages]] (Guidelines, Evaluation, Conformance, Specification.)
* [[Open Research Frameworks]] (Framework, Open Research, Accessible Tools.)
* [[Web Inclusion]] (Inclusion, Developing Regions, Internationalization, Low Income.)
* [[Web Page Sampling]] (Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Conformance.)
* [[Ubiquitous Web Accessibility]] (Guidelines, Evaluation, Accessible Tools.)
* [[User Evaluation Methods for Web Accessibility Evaluation]] (User evaluation, evaluation, conformance, guidelines.)
* [[Benefits of Accessibility.]]
* [[Accessible Security]] (Security, Language, Questions, Easy to read)
* [[Cloud Computing Accessibility]] (Chances, Risks, Tools)
* [[Accessible Ads]] (Guidelines, Mobile)
* [[CSS Accessibility]] (CSS, Style)
* [[AT WAI-ARIA Support| WAI-ARIA Support]] (Guidelines, Assistive Technologies, Clients)
* [[Technologies for Accessibility such as Voice and Braille Interface]]
* [[Virtual Reality technologies]] (Opportunities and dangers, Guidelines)
* [[Augmented Reality / Internet of things]] (Opportunities and dangers, Accessibility tagging)
* [[Accessible Maps]] (Guidelines, Mobile, Assistive Technologies)
* [[Static Documents on the Web: Document Accessibility]] (Guidelines, Static Documents, Structure & Design, File Formats)
* [[User modelling]] (Adaptation of user interfaces to individual users or to a group of users, Software development)
* [[HTML(5) Accessibility]] (Guidelines)
* [[Dynamic Content Accessibility]] (Guidelines, Assistive Technologies)
* [[Inclusion by Accessible Social Media]]
* [[Sign Language on the Web]]
* [[Internet_of_Things]]
* [[Tangible_Interfaces]]
* [[Smart Images]]
* [[Accessible Notifications]]
* [[E-learning Accessibility]]
Note: Please use the [[Template]] for [[creating new topics]].
== Completed Research Topics ==
1. '''[[Benchmarking Web Accessibility Metrics]]''' (Automated Metrics, Evaluation, Benchmarking.)</span>

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