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E-learning Accessibility

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E-learning accessibility involves different technologies and standards. First of all, both the e-learning content and the e-learning platform should be accessible, in order to be effective. Several standards have been defined to provide an accessible e-elearning. This proposal aims to describe such standards, how existing e-learning platforms and technologies are compliant with them and how they apply accessible funcionalities.


Page authors: Justin Brown, Silvia Mirri


Learning Objects accessibility, E-learning platform accessibility, Learners profiling, Evaluating e-learning systems accessibility


[Description of the research topic and challenges]


[Additional background on the subject matter]

  • Accessibility standards for E-Learning Objects
  • Accessibility standards for E-Learning CMS's
  • Accessibility standards for Learner Profiling
  • Accessible interfaces in current LCMS's
  • Accessibility tools and functionality within current LCMS's


[Specific questions that need to be addressed]


[References to related works and activities]