Modality Translation Services Illustration Alternate Text Description

This illustration represents the eight different aspects of the Modality Translation Services concept, how the services could be delivered by a local or remote automatic implementation, or remotely with human assistance, and what electronic devices could deliver these services to a person.

The largest object in the graphic is a half circle arch, or rainbow, with three different colored bands. Each band represents a different service to get information translated. The first band, located on the inside of the rainbow, is titled "local automatic services". The second band, in the middle of the rainbow, is titled "network advanced services". The third band, on the outside of the rainbow, is titled "human assisted services". Below the bottom of each end of the rainbow of services are two arrows pointing outward with the words "try harder" written on them. The arrows start below the innermost band of the rainbow below local automatic services and end below the last band of the rainbow titled human assisted services. The try harder arrows indicate a smooth transition from local automatic services to network advanced services to human assisted services.

Seven text bubbles are distributed evenly across the services rainbow. Each bubble spells out one of the seven Modality Translation Services. From left to right, the services include:

  1. speech recognition service
  2. sign language service
  3. sign language recognition service
  4. international language translation service
  5. assistance/mentoring service
  6. language simplification service
  7. print recognition service
  8. image/video description service

In the middle of the rainbow arch is an icon that represents a person. There are seven sets of continuous lines with arrows that start near the person under the rainbow arch and point toward a service bubble on the rainbow arch. These continuous lines with arrows then make a U-turn back toward the person under the rainbow arch.

Centered below the person icon at the center of the diagram is a title that reads "service delivered via...". Below the title, a series of icons are shown that represent delivery devices. From left to right these seven icons are a desktop computer; a palmtop computer; an earbud; a cell phone; four computers circled around a central database that represents a network; a pair of eyeglasses with a built-in monitor; a small microphone; and a laptop computer.