RDIG Planning Page for [Topic]

Possible Discussion Questions

[copy final list of discussion questions to the agenda for the meeting]

Possible Required Reading

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  Prep for meeting Outcome
Planning meeting #1 Review possible topics Topic and timeline
Planning meeting #2 Collect resources and questions related to the topic. Collection of resources, discussion questions
Planning meeting #3 ? Call for participation, list of places to send the call for participation
Planning meeting #4 Review submissions that result from call for participation List of people to contact to present
Planning meeting #5 Review who has or has not accepted to present List of presentations for the event, Event agenda
Planning meeting N ?? ??
Event Generate agenda, advertise event, publish presenter's html slides to W3C site Proceedings (ala template)

Call for participation

[proposed text:


[proposed date to send or date it was sent]

[proposed places to send call for participation or places it was sent]


Proposed Dates

Possible Speakers

Places to advertise

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