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Our Work

[Gap Analysis], [Roadmap]

Other Relevant Links

our home page our public list directory of research articles

Gap Analysis Issues

  1. Name officially needs to include LD or CLL
  2. Term needed for "recommendations" in roadmap as "recommendations" is a reserved word in the W3C. (Suggestion: Proposals and/or Principles)
  3. Helping users improving skills is out of scope but useful for outreach

Current work items: User group research modules:

  • Joseph O Conner and Kinshuk: Non Verbal
  • Lisa Seeman with Cynthia Shelly: Dyslexia
  • Barry Johnson, Katherine Mancuso, and Michel Fitos: ADD / ADHD
  • Debra Ruh: Down Syndrom
  • Deborah Dahl, Avi Gloden: Asphasia
  • Katie, Elle Waters, Mary Jo and Susann Keohane : Aging and dementia
  • Mark Sadecki, Elle Waters and Katherine Mancuso: Autism
  • Neil Milliken: Dyscalculia.

Volunteer research groups: John Rochford

Classification of cognitive function: Jim Allen