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Filing & triaging bugs

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Bug process

There is an established process for filing bugs against the HTML5 specification. In addition there are specific steps that should be taken when filing an accessibility bug.


Bugs against the HTML5 specification are filed in Bugzilla. You will need a Bugzilla account before you can file new bugs, or comment on existing ones.

Bug keywords

Bugs tagged with the a11y keyword will be sent to the HTML A11y TF list at

Bugs Developed in This Wiki

For background information on the following text alternative bugs, please read the email message requesting task force help, March 1, 2010.

  1. Enable Automatic Validators to Programmatically Determine the Presence or Absence of a Set of Text Alternatives
  2. Change the Generator Mechanism for img from Document Level to Element Level
  3. HTML5 Lacks a Way to Programmatically-Determine Missing Text Alternatives
  4. Allow role="presentation" on img
  5. Provide a CAPTCHA example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"
  6. Provide a Webcam example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"
  7. Remove Paragraph-Section-Heading loophole for not providing a text alternative

Bugs to be Tagged A11y

A11yTF Keyword

"A11yTF" Keyword Criteria

Bugs Awaiting A11yTF Keyword Decision

January 2009 Initial Sets of A11yTF Bugs

In January 2009, the HTML Accessibility Task force decided to track or not to track the following initial sets of bugs.

May 2010 Plan to Dispose of Display, Focus, Labels, and Semantics Bugs

Michael Cooper proposed an action plan to drive or dispose of display, focus, labels, and semantics bugs in his May 4, 2010 email.

August 6, 2010 Bug Proposal

Marco, Martin, and Michael made a bug proposal for decisions on August 6, 2010

Weekly Resolved and Rejected Bugs Reports

New Bug Snapshots

Bug Status Table

HTML5 Accessibility Bug Status
A11y Bugs A11ytf Bugs PFWG Bugs All HTML WG Bugs
New New New New
Reopened Reopened Reopened Reopened
Resolved Resolved Resolved Resolved
Invalid Invalid Invalid Invalid
Needs Info Needs Info Needs Info Needs Info
Works for me Works for me Works for me Works for me
Later Later Later Later
Remind Remind Remind Remind
Won't Fix Won't Fix Won't Fix Won't Fix
Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate
Assigned Assigned Assigned Assigned
Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
Verified Verified Verified Verified
Closed Closed Closed Closed
All All All All

Bug Status Listings

Status: NEW Bugs

"NEW" bugs are waiting to be processed by the editor.

Status: REOPENED Bugs

"REOPENED" bugs were once resolved, but the resolution was deemed incorrect.

Status: RESOLVED Bugs

"RESOLVED" means that the editor has addressed issue. All bugs are marked with one of the following resolutions: "FIXED", "NEEDSINFO", "INVALID", "WONTFIX", "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "LATER", or "MOVED".

Resolution: INVALID Bugs

"INVALID" means the problem described is not a bug.

Resolution: NEEDSINFO Bugs

"NEEDSINFO" means the problem described needs further elaboration or clarification.

Resolution: WORKSFORME Bugs

"WORKSFORME" means that the described problem works for the editor.

Resolution: LATER Bugs

"LATER" bugs will be addressed after some particular period of time.

Resolution: WONTFIX Bugs

"WONTFIX" means the problem described is a bug which will never be fixed.

Resolution: DUPLICATE Bugs

"DUPLICATE" means the problem is a duplicate of an existing bug. Marking a bug duplicate requires the bug# of the duplicating bug and will at least put that bug number in the description field.

Resolution: FIXED Bugs

"FIXED" means a fix for the bug is checked into the spec. The revision number/link is supplied.

Status: VERIFIED Bugs

For the various "VERIFIED" definitions, please see the HTML Working Group Decision Policy.

Status: CLOSED Bugs

For the various "CLOSED" definitions, please see the HTML Working Group Decision Policy.

All Bugs Tagged a11y, a11ytf, and PFWG

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