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A11ytf keyword criteria

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"A11yTF" Keyword Criteria (Draft)

According to the Bugzilla keyword descriptions the"a11ytf" keyword means "Issues referred to the HTML Accessibility Task Force for work".

However, the March 18, 2010 teleconference minutes indicate that a non trivial cost exists to tagging bugs "a11ytf" and that the task force needs to agree on criteria for our decisions to take on bugs.

The following develops the ideas begun in the email "Criteria for 'a11yTF' keyword application".

For a bug to have the "a11ytf" keyword applied, it:

  1. Must be a bug that falls under task force scope of work, AND
  2. Must have a minimum of one task force member volunteering and agreeing to actively work on/see through to closure, AND
  3. A minimum of one of the following must be applicable.
    1. The bug's purpose is to expedite, clarify, or aid an existing HTML Tracker Issue Change Proposal [1], OR
    2. The bug has a dependency or blocker relationship with an existing bug that the task force has already accepted [2] [3], OR
    3. The bug reports a problem where HTML 5 conflicts with WCAG, UAAG, or ATAG, OR
    4. The bug impacts one of the task force's work topics, OR
    5. The bug's purpose is to introduce features that will facilitate or enhance accessibility. [4], OR
    6. The bug's purpose is to restore an accessibility feature back into HTML for which no superior mechanism or replacement exists, OR
    7. The bug is one that the task force has made a resolution committing to work on it [5].


"a11ytf" keyword 
Issues referred to the HTML Accessibility Task Force for work. Source: Bugzilla Keyword Descriptions
Actively work on 
May include but is not limited to drafting, filing, commenting, writing surveys, escalating to tracker issues, writing change proposals.
Bug closure 
The bug is considered dead, the resolution is correct. Source: Bugzilla - A Bug's Life Cycle


Starting Drafts for Boilerplate Messages

After a decision is made, to avoid confusion going forward, we should probably have language and a link to the decision added to bugs for clear documentation of task force intentions.

Accept Statement

The HTML Accessibility Task Force intends to track this bug, per the decision at: http://decisionlink.html

Reject Statement

Per the decision at http://decisionlink.html, the HTML Accessibility Task Force does not plan to formally work on this bug at this time. This does not mean the Task Force has no interest in it, but does not have immediate plans to work on it. The Task Force may review the issue in the future.

Bugs Awaiting "A11yTF" Keyword Decision