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Bug Triage

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The Bug Triage sub-team reviews bugs entered in bugzilla that may relate to the mission of the task force. Major activities are:

  • Review bugs that appear to be related to accessibility, to determine whether the task force needs to take ownership of the bug;
  • Monitor new bugs entered for relevance to the task force mandate;
  • Provide additional information about task force bugs when the issue is unclear;
  • Determine whether the task force should push back on bugs whose proposals are rejected, and if so carry out the necessary steps;
  • Check that the action for fixed bugs is acceptably carried out;
  • Raise issues to the overall task force as needed.



  • Mailing list: Discussion is carried out on the public-html-a11y list, with the subject prefix "[Bugs]"
  • Teleconference: Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC via Zakim teleconference bridge, dial-in code 2119 (= a11y)
  • IRC channel: channel #a11y-bugs
  • Wiki: pages on this wiki related to this sub-team should be tagged with [[Category: Bugs]].

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