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Wishlist for HTML5.1

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The following is a list of areas and issues that the Task Force may consider taking up in HTML5.1. Each links to a dedicated wikipage where individuals and/or groups are encouraged to research and possibly demonstrate a need to formally address any of the individual issues.

Keyboard Interaction

Ensure interactions, such as focus navigation (e.g. fixing tabindex, accesskeys, etc) and activating elements can be done with keyboards, while working for Touch, Voice etc.

Chaals, John Foliot
September 4 2014 meeting
November 13 2014 meeting

Full Transcript

John Foliot, Media Subteam

See also ACTION-257

Panels and Panel Sets

Léonie Watson, Mark Sadecki
December 18 2014 meeting
January 22 2015 meeting

Date pickers

Léonie Watson, Janina Sajka
July 17 2014 meeting
January 29 2015 meeting

Looking for owners…


Discussed in july 2014 teleconf

stuff to organise