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Wishlist for HTML5.1

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The following is a list of areas and issues that the Task Force may consider taking up in HTML5.1. Each links to a dedicated wikipage where individuals and/or groups are encouraged to research and possibly demonstrate a need to formally address any of the individual issues.


Interested: Chaals, John Foliot Discussed in September 4 meeting

There is a related discussion about fixing tabindex... Should this be a separate item?

Looking for owners…


Discussed in july 2014 teleconf

stuff to organise

  • Full Transcript
    • John Foliot is interested in exploring this. Media Subteam
    • Late July/August - ACTION-257 due 2014-08-07
  • Media Descriptions
    • John Foliot. Media Subteam
    • Late July/August - ACTION-257 due 2014-08-07
  • Date UI Widgets
    • Janina
    • Third Week in July - ACTION-258 - Present on date ui in tf meeting. due 2014-07-17
  • Input type numeric
    • Mark
    • June 26th
  • Emotion Markup
    • Lisa Seeman? Media Subteam?
    • Mark to follow-up for time est
  • Haptic Output
    • Markku Hakinen?
    • Mark to follow-up for time est
  • Gaming
    • Jeanne Spellman? Kwasi Mensa? (Mark to follow-up) BBC (Ian Pouncey to follow-up: Update (2014-07-29): Gareth Ford Williams and Jon Howard from the BBC are interested in this)
  • Cognitive
    • Lisa Seeman, Rich?
    • Mark to follow-up for time est
  • Referencing UAAG
    • Jeanne Spellman
  • Media
    • Media Sub-Team
  • Web Payments
    • Chaals
    • Late August - ACTION-260 - Present web payments in tf meeting due 2014-8-21
  • Footnotes, End notes, Annotations, Definitions
    • Mark, ePub, ARIA
    • July due 2014-07-10
  • Real Time Chat
    • Leonie, Janina
    • End of June - ACTION-261 - Present realtime chat in tf meeting due 2014-6-26