The IndieUI Working Group is no longer chartered to operate. The scope of its work are expected to be taken up in several other Working Groups:

  • Web Platform may develop device-abstracted events similar in scope to IndieUI: Events;
  • CSS may express some of the context properties from IndieUI: User Context as Media Queries;
  • ARIA may build a module of additional context properties from IndieUI: User Context.

Resources from the IndieUI remain available to support long-term institutional memory, but this information is of historical value only.


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The IndieUI Working Group will meet during the W3C Combined Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meeting during the week of 11 November 2013. The IndieUI will meet on Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 November. Wednesday, 13 November is reserved for the Plenary meeting itself.

Registration, host, hotel, and travel information below are references to the TPAC overview page. Please refer to that page for updated information on these topics and consider the information there definitive.


Participation in the Working Group meeting is open to participants in good standing of the IndieUI WG. Representatives of other W3C groups are also encouraged to request permission to attend in an observer or liaison capacity.

Remote Participation

Remote participation is discouraged, aside from presenters reporting on action item assignments. We will use the usual IRC channel for managing agenda topics and action items only. Those wishing to participate remotely by telephone should make specific arrangements with the chair in advance.

For those who are dialing in, we will use the usual Zakim teleconference bridge, +1.617.761.6200. The conference code is 46343. There are slots for up to 4 people to join at a given time. Please check the agenda and coordinate appropriate times for you to dial in. We may experiment with other channels; please check in with the meeting in IRC.


All attendees must register for the Technical Plenary week before 18 October 2013. There is a US $60 per day registration fee, which rises ro $120 after 18 October 2013. PFWG members should indicate that you are attending as a participant of the Protocols and Formats Working Group. Non-members may indicate that they would like to observe. Observer requests will be followed up by email.

Current registrants are listed in the registration results page.


See the TPAC Venue Information page for location information and links. Please refer to the TPAC schedule for information about our meeting room. Information is subject to change, so please check it just before your trip.


Visit the TPAC Hotels for information about the room block and reservations.

Travel to the Meeting

MOST VISITORS WILL REQUIRE A VISA. The TPAC planning page provides information about obtaining an invitation letter from Beihang University. Be aware that if you plan to visit Hong Kong from China, you will need to have a multiple-entry visa to re-enter China, so please plan accordingly when applying for your visa. The Visa application process should take approximately two weeks. Be mindful of upcoming travel, as you will need to submit your passport as part of the process to obtain a Chinese Visa.

See the TPAC Travel Information for information about air and ground travel to the meeting venue. In order to get best rates and availability, you should book flights to China before 2 September 2013.




All times below are in China Standard Time (UTC +8).

Topics: Thursday, 14 November 2013 Friday, 15 November 2013

All IndieUI WG participants are encouraged to participate in the Plenary program and the Reception.