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List of People who sent comments

The following is a summary of all comments raised during the last call period (27 February 1999 to 19 March 1999) for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Each section lists raised issues, resolutions, and the versions of the reference specification.

The issue number links to the source of the issue and the text. The link that states the resolution links to the source of the resolution.

Baron, L. David

Issue 1Alt as tool tip2 MarchEditorialRemove comment19990226

Berners-Lee, Tim

Issue 71Ensure guidelines stands alone as a document14 MarchDocument structureImproved in 16 March draft. Will be finished for next draft.19990226
Issue 72Ensure author and UA responsibilities clearly marked.14 MarchDocument structureConsistent use of "Until". Reviewed all checkpoints.19990226
Issue 73Use markup appropriately14 MarchGuidelineText added to ensure this is said. Guideline 5 in 16 March draft speaks about this too.19990226
Issue 74Link semantics need clarification14 MarchDocument structureImproved in 16 March draft. Will be improved further in next draft19990226
Issue 75Use "title" as per HTML 4.0 spec. No brief descriptions14 MarchGuidelineBrief descriptions removed. Statement added to use "title" in accordance with HTML 4.0. Also, more info about title provided in section on links.19990226
Issue 76Reduce STRONG and B14 MarchEditorialDone in 16 March draft19990226
Issue 77Add checkpoint map in techniques document14 MarchDocument structureDone in 16 March draft19990226
Issue 78Ensure proper use of "content"14 MarchEditorialDone in 16 March draft19990226
Issue 79Guideline 1: Example in rationale needs revisited14 MarchEditorialSubsumed by 22 March proposal to merge first three guidelines19990226
Issue 80Don't use "title" for alt text with OBJECT14 MarchEditorialRemoved in 16 March draft19990226
Issue 81Checkpoint 12.5: Don't encourage improper use of markup.14 MarchCheckpointAdd note to 12.5 to say that this checkpoint does not discourage proper use of tables.19990226
Issue 82Checkpoints 13.4 and 13.5 incompatible14 MarchCheckpointCheckpoints merged to resolve.19990226
Issue 83Discuss link relationships more openly.14 MarchCheckpointWill add information to two checkpoints in Guideline 15 about metadata and document collections.19990226

Chetwynd, Jonathan

Issue 4More required for non-readers2 MarchCheckpointNo change19990226

Colwell, Chetz

Issue 50Difficulty finding topics13 MarchDocument structureTechniques document and checklist provide topic-based navigation.19990226
Issue 51Navigation between documents confusing13 MarchDocument structure16 March draft improves navigation clarity: links have better link text to make clear when leaving the document. Links to other sources only from references. Internal links to glosarry indicated. (Final draft will be even more solid).19990226
Issue 52Shorter URL possible?13 MarchDocument structureW3C has conventions19990226
Issue 53Matching section numbers?13 MarchDocument structureCheckpoint map added in 16 march draft. Also, since documents organized differently, can't match up section numbers. Also, guidelines and checkpoints are numbered independently of section numbers in guidelines.19990226
Issue 54Confusing link text13 MarchDocument structureCleared up in 16 March draft. (Minor changes still required). Links with same link text designate same target. Links to techniques clearly indicated (at the end of each checkpoint).19990226
Issue 55Add document map13 MarchDocument structureAdded in 16 March draft.19990226
Issue 56Provide print version?13 MarchDocument structureAlready done19990226
Issue 57Break into smaller files?13 MarchDocument structureNot worth it. Provide archive for offline use.19990226
Issue 58Too much bold text13 MarchDocument structureEliminated overused STRONG and B19990226
Issue 59Audience of document not clear13 MarchEditorialFirst two sentences speak of "all content developers and authoring tool developers".19990226
Issue 60Priority 2 for 7.4 (table headers) since not supported yet?13 MarchPriorityNo change. Lean towards the future. Document will note that not all features are supported in all browsers. Use of "until user agents..."19990226
Issue 61Should Checkpoint 1.1 have a similar note as in 1.6 for important images?13 MarchEditorialYes, but subsumed by proposal to merge guidelines 1, 2, and 3.19990226
Issue 6211.3: Provide keyboard short-cuts to links". Does this mean for all links? If there were many links on a page this would be impossible.13 MarchCheckpointAdd "for important links"19990226
Issue 63Want more information about assistive techs.13 MarchDocument structureCreate separate W3C Note.19990226
Issue 64Indicate lack of support for new elements13 MarchEditorialFor techniques document to a limited extent. However, full explanations of behavior out of scope. Send some issues to user agent WG. (e.g., how should longdesc be rendered).19990226
Issue 65Unclear use of variables in techniques examples13 MarchEditorialWill be cleared up in next draft19990226
Issue 66Put most important examples first in a series13 MarchEditorialWill be cleared up in next draft19990226
Issue 67The links to the HTML 4.0 specification could indicate that they link to pages outside of the Techniques and Guidelines documents.14 MarchDocument structureAddressed in 16 March draft.19990226
Issue 68Include example for server-side image maps since higher priority.14 MarchTechniqueWill be added19990226
Issue 69Should the sections on 'Brief descriptions of images' (1.2 and 2.7) have associated Checkpoints?14 MarchTechniqueNo change. Brief descriptions are being dropped.19990226
Issue 70Insufficient info for document type validation.14 MarchCheckpointAdded checkpoint for DTDs and schemas19990226

Connolly, Dan

Issue 10Is checklist part of guidelines?9 MarchEditorialYes, more clear in structure now19990226
Issue 11Checkpoint against FONT?9 MarchCheckpointNo change19990226

Freed, Geoff

Issue 48Confusing explanation of synchronized media12 MarchEditorialProposed fix by Ian.19990226
Issue 49Add information about SMIL/SAMI synchronization12 MarchTechniqueTo be added to techniques document.19990226

Gunderson, Jon

Issue 84Why "title" not mentioned for images?16 March 19990316 {{ Why Guidelines 1 and 2 split?GuidelineSay nothing about "title" for images in guidelines except for images in links.Document structure
Issue 855.7: Should be priority 116 March 19990316 {{ Why Guidelines 1 and 2 split?PriorityLeave same priority but add reference to Techniques document validation.Document structure
Issue 867.4: How should "summary" be used?16 March 19990316 {{ Why Guidelines 1 and 2 split?CheckpointDelete the comment.Document structure
Issue 87Higher priority on grouping16 March 19990316 {{ Why Guidelines 1 and 2 split?CheckpointSingle priority 2 checkpoint for grouping.Document structure

Hansen, Eric

Issue 47Guideline 16: Revised statement and rationale12 MarchEditorialTaken into account in 16 March draft. However, some may be subsuemd by 22 March proposal to merge guidelines 1, 2, and 3.19990226
Issue 5Conformance scope3 MarchConformanceProposal by Judy19990226
Issue 6Conformance levels3 MarchConformanceA/Double-A/Triple-A19990226
Issue 7Changes to section on Validation11 MarchEditorialReviewed. Two points added: get review from disabled users and use human and automatic tools to review. Also, added grammar checkers with spell checkers.19990226
Issue 8Use of term "equivalent"11 MarchDocument structureProposal for restructuring first three guidelines19990226

Jenkins, Phill

Issue 928.3: Proposed clarification20 MarchEditorialWG said that such wording was acceptable.19990316
Issue 93Move front matter to back20 MarchDocument structureRejected since links to contents19990316

Kelly, Brian

Issue 88Accessibility design does not generally mean extra work...18 MarchEditorialDeleted in 16 March draft19990226
Issue 89Should element names be in all caps in light of XHTML?18 MarchEditorialNew conventions section to be added.19990226

Korn, Peter

Issue 91Java accessibility techniques19 MarchTechniqueNot yet addressed since technique19990316

Loughborough, William

Issue 46Verifiability of checkpoints12 MarchEditorialText: Each checkpoint is specific enough so that someone reviewing a page or site may verify that the checkpoint has been satisfied.19990226

Lowney, Greg

Issue 12Discuss browser bugs8 MarchDocument contentOut of scope
Issue 13A.1.4: Priority8 MarchPriorityPriority 1 server-side, Priority 2 client-side.19990217
Issue 14A.1.5: Priority8 MarchPriorityNew checkpoint to resolve: use client-side maps.19990217
Issue 15A.5.2: Priority of two color checkpoints8 MarchPriorityHigher priority for images.19990217
Issue 16A.6.1: Nested headers8 MarchPriorityNew wording to resolve: use headers for structure19990217
Issue 17A.6.2: Nested lists8 MarchPriorityNew wording to resolve: nest lists properly19990217
Issue 18A.6.3: Blockquote for indentation8 MarchPrioritySame priority19990217
Issue 19A.10.2/A.10.3: Flicker/Blinking8 MarchCheckpointTwo checkpoints, Pri 1 flicker, Pri 2 blinking19990217
Issue 20B.1: Use headers for structure8 MarchCheckpointNew checkpoint for grouping information.19990217
Issue 21B.1.3: FIELDSET labels8 MarchPriorityNew checkpoint for grouping information.19990217
Issue 22B.2.1: "title" on links8 MarchTechniqueCheckpoint reworded as "Clearly identify the target of each link". "title" added as technique
Issue 23A.14.1: Priority of "Use latest W3C specs"8 MarchPriorityPriority 2 with rewording19990217
Issue 24A.14.2: Priority of "Avoid deprecated features"8 MarchPriorityNo change (Priority 2)19990217
Issue 25B.1.5: Use OPTGROUP to group8 MarchPriorityNew (Pri 2) checkpoint for all grouping19990217
Issue 26B.2.9: Remove class="nav"8 MarchTechniqueMake a technique.19990217
Issue 27A.3.3: Play automatically?8 MarchCheckpointSounds that play without user interaction.19990217

Oskoboiny, Gerald

Issue 9Bad list example6 MarchTechniqueDon't abuse markup/Control with style19990226

Schmitz, Patrick

Issue 38Mention of alt text for tool tips9 MarchEditorialRemove comment19990226
Issue 39Discuss assitive technologies in more detail9 MarchDocument structureCreate separate W3C Note.19990226
Issue 40Discuss usage scenarios in more detail9 MarchDocument structureCreate separate W3C Note.19990226
Issue 41Emphasize use of alternative pages more9 MarchGuidelineWG does not want to emphasize since they aren't maintained.19990226
Issue 421.2: Make more specific to visual information.9 MarchCheckpointProposal to incorporate in more general checkpoint19990226
Issue 43Multimedia / equivalent synchronization.9 MarchTechniquesDiscuss in section on SMIL19990226
Issue 44Latest specs incompatible with backwards compatibility9 MarchGuidelineWording change19990226
Issue 45Relative units in absolute positioning?9 MarchCheckpointCSS explained19990226

Valusek, Tomas

Issue 90Add a checkpoint for specifying background/foreground together18 MarchCheckpointMake this a technique19990226

White, Jason

Issue 2Need a checkpoint for DTDs2 MarchCheckpointAdd checkpoint19990226
Issue 3Avoid "whenever possible"2 MarchEditorialFixed globally19990226

Wolf, Misha

Issue 28Poorly worded guideline10 MarchEditorial"Clarify natural language usage"19990226
Issue 2915.9: Offline browsing10 MarchEditorialReworded in terms of document collections.19990226
Issue 30How to reference10 MarchDocument structureBoth specific and latest references, link from pertinent checkpoint.19990226

ten Kate, Warner

Issue 31Accessibility over usability11 MarchEditorialEnsure text clearly states accessibility is primary goal19990226
Issue 32Language of captions11 MarchCheckpointAdded to existing language checkpoint19990226
Issue 335.4: Use style sheets should be Priority 1.11 MarchPriorityNo since not using doesn't make access impossible.19990226
Issue 34Renumber sections11 MarchEditorialFixed19990226
Issue 35Avoid "whenever possible"11 MarchEditorialFixed globally19990226
Issue 36Nested headers questioned11 MarchEditorialNew wording to resolve: use headers for structure19990226
Issue 37Color may be decorative11 MarchCheckpointDelete this note.19990226

Versions of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

There were two versions of the specification during the last call period. A third version is listed below because Greg Lowney reviewed that version inadvertently.