27 July 2000 WCAG WG telecon

Summary of action items and resolutions



Continuation of the discussion surrounding the recently circulated WCAG draft. A revised draft may be released in time for the meeting, incorporating changes suggested by Gregg Vanderheiden and taking account of points which have emerged from recent working group deliberations.

Latest draft

WC I did not get it out this week. It includes edits from Gregg as well as resolutions from last call and other comments made to the list. I will publish it asap. I have a few proposals and questions but those will be easier to discuss online.


Proposed: October 5/6 after Device Independent Workshop.

WC have heard that Marshall, and Andi can make it. William possibly.

JW unable to make it. most likely participate via teleconference.

GV concerned that won't have enough people.

KHS waiting to hear back from companies I work for, 90% chance can make it.

GV Will be there physically or via telecon.

DB I'm backup on AU, and most likely can go.

WL Count me in.

$Date: 2000/11/08 08:30:15 $ Wendy Chisholm