15 June 2000

Summary of action items and resolutions




  1. Which, if any, of the issues on the list can now properly be regarded as closed?
  2. Are there additional issues, not included on the list, surrounding the working group's deliverables, which should be added?
  3. With respect to the techniques document modules: Further work is needed to document techniques appropriate to certain specific formats and interfaces, for example SMIL and the DOM.
    1. How should these tasks be assigned within the working group? If you are willing to accept action items related to any of these technologies, please volunteer (details will be discussed at the meeting)?
    2. We need to prepare the Techniques for distribution as a public working draft. Which aspects of the required work would it be most important to complete prior to publication?
  4. Integration of guidelines and technology-specific checklists, together with other administrative considerations and working group activities, will also be discussed.

Proposal for accessible list example

Action GR: Take Ian's proposal for accessible lists with CSS to the ER list.

Action WC: Add Ian's proposals for list with CSS to the CSS module.

Bidirectional tables

Action WL: Ask Daniel about tablin and bidirectional tables.

CSS generated text

Action WL: Ask Chris and Hakon about CSS generated text.

JW think a UA issue.

WL But content in CSS is tying content to presentation.

JW It is addressed by P3 item in UA. Don't think it would be appropriate to add further markup to repair.

WC what about WL's point?

JW Doesn't fall into that category. It is not important information, but things that are style dependent.

WL H1 and H2 were supposed to be structure, ended up presentation. People will write whole blocks in CSS.

JW This is likely to be misused and we should have a cautionary note?

Action WC: Add proposal to Open issues: CSS generated text is likely to be misused and we should add a cautionary note to the CSS Techniques module.

User agent support page

WC Has not changed in a while. Addressed in Requirements document. What should we do?

WL Leave as is.

JW Too bad external resources are not kept up to date.

Resolution: Leave the User Agent Support Page as is for now. If people find relevant resources, post to list for inclusion in references.

Spacer images examples

WC propose author decision, educate the author and let them decide to use "" or " ".

Resolution: to provide author with information and let them decide to use "" or " " for decorational images.

Alternative pages with telephone

Resolution: providing a phone number, fax number, e-mail address, or postal address where info is available, preferably 24 hours a day does not count as an alternative accessible page.

Technique for server-side maps

WC almost a user agent issue?

JW Where does this help us? Some servers use 0,0 as an indication to provide an alternative to an image map.

KHS Not asking for redundant links.

JW One way to reformat: can the redundant link be behind the server-side image map?

WC it's server-side authoring, but authoring nontheless.

JW Should it be a techniques mentioned in the Techniques doc? Some UAs might not be able to do that.

GR If support for OBJECT, then could provide redundant text links in the content.

Action DB: Ask UA if user agents generate a 0,0 to the server if an area on a server-side image map is not selected. We would like to know if redundant text links could be returned if a server receives 0,0 but are not sure if all browsers generate it.

Resolution: Based on UA's response, add to Techniques or not.

Abbreviations for table headers

JW The use of ABBR is author discretion. Would be the same in table header as anywhere else. Apply the principles of ABBR no matter where they are, in a table heading or not.

GR due from a miscommunication in ER WG last summer. If long prompted for attribute, if abbreviation prompted for element.

Resolution: Clarify in HTML Techniques that the principles of ABBR apply no matter where they are, in a table heading or not.

Raising additional issues

WL should be on the list to be fair with the rest of the list.

Action CS: resurrect the dynamic content thread on the list.

TN When I tried to access Techniques doc yesterday it said that I didn't have permission.

Action/Resolution: WC Needs to fix lots of things with Techniques docs. Won't have a chance to rereleased until next week (traveling today through thursday). will look at permission issue. If people could get action items done before next Thursday, once I'm back I can incorporate those in and publish a new draft next Friday.

Further techniques modules

JW need work on SVG, MathML, Non-W3C technologies (with restrictions on what we can say about it), RDF, XML, SMIL, etc. We're trying to address what we can say and how to say it. We need good modules for the standards.

TN comfortable writing, but don't have the knowledge of the technologies.

WC Info exists for SMIL, SVG, and XML that needs to be repurposed. Where don't have technological knowledge, should go to the working group, like XSL. Where we do have knowledge (like access note) we should repurpose those.

JW don't need a module on XSL, but in relation to XHTML, for example.

WC WML is another interesting one. I have read their guidelines and didn't see too many issues (fixable) but the UA is tied to the device. What are the accessibility issues?

JW so, we have CMN, WC, and IJ working on modules as they have time. Not concerned about XML since will be incorporated as we revise. WC - which modules do you not have info for?

WC MathML.

JW hmmm. T.V. Raman...who would have time to write? Who has the knowledge? Possibly go to the working group. Do we need usage guidelines?

Resolution: MathML module on backburner - get through SVG, SMIL, etc. but when ready to work on MathML, go to working group to find someone to help answer quesitons.


JW relates to SVG and other areas. CMN working with.

WC same boat as DOM, CSS, XSL, etc. techniques are tied to which language using it with.

JW DOM is language independent.

Next meeting

JW Should be next week. Not sure if we have enough for an agenda. If we get enough work done on action items, we could discuss those.

Action KHS Draft a combination of the Generalized checkpoints and the technology-specific checkpoints.

Members in good standing

JW We will begin keeping track of members in good standing. More info is forthcoming on the mailing list.

Digital signatures

WL about to be passed into law in the next 2 days. No one in disability community had any input until recently. Cynthia realized they were pretty clueless. Web will be part of Web process things.

JW At least they will be recognized as legitimate signature.

WL that's my rant for the call.

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