8 June 2000 WCAG WG telecon

Summary of action items and resolutions




Action items

WC Checked with JG about tool. W3C not crazy about installing. Will proceed with issues list as is for now. Bugzilla?

GR No time to play with.

JW Documentation mentioned JavaScript. Perhaps install on test server to play with. May have time to play with in the near future.

Action WC: Investigate JG tool further. Find out about potential security issues. Try to get it installed on a W3C machine for testing.

WC going through techniques open issue.

JW only those that become controversial will get escalated to discussion on a telecon.

/* Agreed */

WC CMN suggested combining technology-specific checkpoints with the generalized checkpoints that we generated over a couple teleconferences.

JW yes, before do that, combine the technology-specifics, like HTML and CSS as suggested in my e-mail last week.

Action: WC combine technology-specific checkpoints as suggested by JW then incorporate them into the generalized checkpoints as suggested by CMN.

GR I took an action item to ask Glen Gordon and Mark Hakinnen how they skip over blocks of text. In relation to UA navigation mechanisms. They have not responded.

WC more of an ER item?

JW take it to UA and ER once you find out?

GR yes.

Draft requirements document for version 2.0

JW any reactions or comments? It is about to go through review by other groups.

WL no.

WC JB and IJ gave me feedback.

JW A few comments, but can't remember exactly what they were. I'll send them to the list.

WC We need to send this for review to AU, UA, PF, ER, EO, and IG. Usually we say, "please send comments to wai-gl." However, what do people think about asking AU, UA, PF, ER and EO to send comments to wai-gl, but ask IG to keep comments on wai-ig? The intent is to infuse IG with a high-level WCAG discussion in the hopes of brining about ideas that might not have come if they are asked to send comments to wai-gl. Also, to raise the level of awareness in the IG of where we are headed.

GR we should tell them to cross-post.

JW Groups will usually try to come to consensus and then send comments to the group asking for review.

WL IG doesn't work like that. [it should be] Anyone can make a comment and it has to be answered.

JW prefer that people send prepared comments. If IG discuss internally and formulate a mail with the various points of view.

GR We'll need designated GL trackers for the IG list. They would try to shape and guide the discussion. In the end collate something. Pass by IG. Send to WCAG.

JW Who is interested in doing that?

WL We're all on there.

Resolved: ask IG to discuss Requirements document on IG. Other groups will send comments to wai-gl list. Those of us on IG will contribute to the IG discussions to keep them focused and moving forward.

WC when should we send it to the groups?

JW after incorporate comments to JB and IJ?

Resolved: Send draft Requirements document to other groups for review early next week.

Techniques document open issues

JW several sent to the list.

Action: WC incorporate GR's corrections to XHTML checkpoints.

JW GV is working on reformulation of guidelines. It will be proposed to the list soon. That will allow us to write a first draft.

Face2face meetings

WC Australia in November? Who could make it?

WL possible maybe.

GR possible maybe. Also see if I18N group wanting to meet at the same time. Could draw from the Pacific Rim.

WC Need to have more face2face meetings to move revision along quicker. Thoughts on dates? places? Conferences we could piggy-back off of? I would like to see a long term schedule.

GR Really like the idea of one in Melbourne, especially with WBU we could draw some people.

WL I've never seen any mention of South America.

JW W3C tends to concentrate around areas where it has host institutions.

WL Pretoria in August. <grin>

JW One in November is a possibility since RMIT has offered to host the meeting.

WC Getting a core group of people there is an issue. It is not guaranteed that WAI will be able to help get people there. Money will be tight for this trip.

Other issues?

JW Cognitive has not appeared. We're working to set up a telecon that interested parties will be able to attend.

WL Has anyone looked at Jonathan's notes for a talk he gave? They were posted to the EO list.

Action WL: send the URI to Jonathan's notes to the WCAG WG.

$Date: 2000/11/08 08:30:15 $ Wendy Chisholm