12 August 1999 - GL meeting

Table of contents

  1. Agenda
  2. Summary of action items
  3. Minutes


List of questions for Rob Neff
Construct a list of questions we would like Rob Neff to answer by collecting information from users. What questions do we want him to ask them? What information do we want to gather? Rob is working in the trenches with a variety of Web authors, including secretaries who do not know much about HTML. The people he is running into have a variety of issues with the guidelines. We want to collect as much information as we can to make future versions of this document, or supplementary material as easy and clear to use as possible.
Resolve checkpoint 3.3 clarification
Ian Jacobs' proposal from 28 July.
Report on status of Browser Support Page.
Report on status of Anne's action item to collect guidelines for creating pages for learning and cognitively disabled.

Summary of action items

  1. re: Partial support in browsers. Wendy and Ian will review the checkpoints for meeting the new conditions. Ian and Jason will review the wording.
  2. CMN - EO should look at how to educate people how to upgrade browsers to get the most accessible features.
  3. Ian to pursue browser support with Microsoft and Opera. And others with information to post to the list.
  4. WC to link the matrix to the GL page.
  5. WC to send list of browser support page references to list.
  6. WC to find out about possible contact with netscape to get info from them re: the browser support page. As well as contacting Al Gilman re: Lynx and TV Raman re: Emacs.


The minutes are available through the mailing list archive.