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ACTION-6 (edit) open Add mobile use cases to use cases from sitepoint article Jim Allan 2015-10-28
ACTION-12 (edit) open Adding hardware, ua, os in the notes for each requirement, withl working group Jim Allan 2015-11-25
ACTION-13 (edit) open Create reference section add nih and un documents Jim Allan 2015-11-25
ACTION-14 (edit) open Look at categories in wayne's ontology with what we have so far Shawn Henry 2015-12-16
ACTION-15 (edit) open Add para to clarity expanding magnification reduces perceptual area Jim Allan 2015-12-16
ACTION-20 (edit) open Work with wayne and jim on study design for Shawn Henry 2015-12-23
ACTION-21 (edit) open Sync with alan about acb lowvision. Jim Allan 2016-01-20
ACTION-22 (edit) open Check out to see if we include what is appropriate Shawn Henry 2016-01-20
ACTION-23 (edit) open Check if included Shawn Henry 2016-01-20
ACTION-24 (edit) open Printing notes charts, alt text, page breaks.... Shawn Henry 2016-01-20
ACTION-25 (edit) open Think about 3.7.1 seeing all interface elements with andrew and others input from 20 jan telecon Shawn Henry 2016-01-27
ACTION-26 (edit) open Create list of other definitions we might need/use Jim Allan 2016-01-27
ACTION-27 (edit) open Think about explaining zoom verses increase text (e-mail thread) Shawn Henry 2016-01-27
ACTION-28 (edit) open Think about spacing resizing, e.g., ems for spacing Shawn Henry 2016-01-27
ACTION-30 (edit) open & wayne write for wai page hyphenation and word breaking, e.g., uri screws up wrapping overall Shawn Henry 2016-02-03
ACTION-31 (edit) open Check that issue of people with large text have small bit of info is covered well Shawn Henry 2016-02-03
ACTION-33 (edit) open Look up the acb document and determine if it is the newest. Wayne Dick 2016-02-10
ACTION-34 (edit) open Write up bit on luminance and luminosity for a wai page (or wiki page) Wayne Dick 2016-02-17
ACTION-35 (edit) open Add blockquote to references and research pages appropriately Jim Allan 2016-02-24
ACTION-36 (edit) open & all add "alt" issue to open issues - people with low vision sometimes need alt text, too Shawn Henry 2016-03-02
ACTION-37 (edit) open Avila to create user need for contrast differences Jonathan Avila 2016-03-09
ACTION-38 (edit) open Review 3.1 contrast/color user needs Jim Allan 2016-03-09
ACTION-39 (edit) open Craft user need on obscured perception and operability Wayne Dick 2016-03-09
ACTION-40 (edit) open And wayne add to legibility references Shawn Henry 2016-03-23
ACTION-42 (edit) open Write out example for 3.1.3 that covers contrast issue Shawn Henry 2016-03-23
ACTION-44 (edit) open Do fact check on "(who) estimates that there are 246 million people worldwide who have low vision and 39 million people are blind, indicating that generally 16% of people with visual impairments are blind and 84% have low vision." Jim Allan 2016-04-06
ACTION-46 (edit) open Respond to commenter on issue 42 Jim Allan 2016-04-20
ACTION-47 (edit) open Tweak color wheel alts - see scott's suggestion in minutes Shawn Henry 2016-04-20
ACTION-48 (edit) open Before color wheel examples, add an intro sentence about this is what people see (see minutes with wayne's idea) Shawn Henry 2016-04-20
ACTION-50 (edit) open Create appendix for detailed image descriptions from issue 43, and action-49 Jim Allan 2016-04-20
ACTION-51 (edit) open Write user need on "non-text contrast" - [can change the name, border, grids, etc] Wayne Dick 2016-04-27
ACTION-52 (edit) open Write "password" need John Rochford 2016-05-04
ACTION-53 (edit) open In user need doc, edit 3.2.3 line length to address issues from 4 may 2016 telecon Shawn Henry 2016-05-11
ACTION-54 (edit) open Reword 3.4.1 and definition of leading Jim Allan 2016-05-19
ACTION-55 (edit) open Write proposed resolution for 3.3.1 - 3.3.4 Jim Allan 2016-05-19
ACTION-56 (edit) open 3.7.3 user agents use OS settings; content uses UA and OS setting Shawn Henry 2016-05-26
ACTION-57 (edit) open And wayne work on Shawn Henry 2016-06-02
ACTION-58 (edit) open Write disclaimer (last para of intro) that we are general Jim Allan 2016-06-02
ACTION-59 (edit) open Write coga about orthgraphy Jim Allan 2016-06-09
ACTION-60 (edit) open Write up bit on glare sensitivity to 2.4.2 with jim (one or two sentences) Shawn Henry 2016-06-09
ACTION-61 (edit) open Review document for adequacy of "visual clutter" coverage and verbiage Wayne Dick 2016-06-09
ACTION-62 (edit) open Consider how the main point of <> is addressed in current user needs doc - probably in text under 3. user needs <> (see also 9 june minutes) Shawn Henry 2016-06-16
ACTION-63 (edit) open Think if choice of view in a responsive design (desktop, tablet, mobile) is a user need? Shawn Henry 2016-06-16
ACTION-64 (edit) open Consider with action 63 "authors cannot limit users ability to change visual environment" Shawn Henry 2016-06-16
ACTION-65 (edit) open Create 3 scs, justification, spacing (letter, word, line, para), margins Jim Allan 2016-07-14
ACTION-66 (edit) open Create another sc mechanism for line length Jim Allan 2016-07-14
ACTION-67 (edit) open Contact 1100% source and create reading example Wayne Dick 2016-07-14
ACTION-68 (edit) open Work on detailing what the barriers are in creating a browser extension for text enlargement and will add to the github disussion Wayne Dick 2016-07-21
ACTION-69 (edit) open in user needs doc, include coverage of contrast of info in graphics Shawn Henry 2016-08-25
ACTION-70 (edit) open Write font sc Wayne Dick 2016-09-01
ACTION-71 (edit) open Do text style wording Wayne Dick 2016-09-01
ACTION-72 (edit) open Write sc for capitalization Jim Allan 2016-09-01
ACTION-74 (edit) open Wording of element level Wayne Dick 2016-09-01
ACTION-75 (edit) open Update gapanalysis-sc.html add links to wiki pages. Jim Allan 2016-09-01
ACTION-76 (edit) open When users change font size and list out the cases for the sc. Scott McCormack 2016-09-01
ACTION-77 (edit) open Write sc for printing customized text - a mechanism exists ... Jim Allan 2016-09-01
ACTION-78 (edit) open User settings research... Wayne Dick 2016-09-01
ACTION-79 (edit) open Write mobile about changing contrast for large text Jim Allan 2016-09-01
ACTION-80 (edit) open Inform tf of planned schedule and tasks that they can do to fill in the wiki pages for proposed scs :-) Jim Allan 2016-09-08
ACTION-81 (edit) open Make it easier to tell what is template text vs. content. :-) Jim Allan 2016-09-08
ACTION-82 (edit) open Update user needs/requirements with change size of all elements->content Shawn Henry 2016-09-08
ACTION-83 (edit) open Update gap analysis - size of all elements final Jim Allan 2016-09-08
ACTION-84 (edit) open Write sc for informational graphics, color, visual pattern, etc Jim Allan 2016-09-15
ACTION-85 (edit) open With lvtf to review wcag understanding document and techniques adding implications for low vision Jim Allan 2016-11-10
ACTION-86 (edit) open Update wcag github with new text for contrast minimum (tag with lvtf and ready for review) Jim Allan 2016-11-24
ACTION-87 (edit) open Update wcag gitup for graphic contrast minimum Jim Allan 2016-11-24
ACTION-88 (edit) open Add to wcag github (after wayne update descriptions and references) Jim Allan 2016-11-24
ACTION-89 (edit) open Post reflow to wcag github Jim Allan 2016-11-24
ACTION-90 (edit) open Contact david update issue 8 to 80. 80 is more current Jim Allan 2016-12-15
ACTION-91 (edit) open Write davidm to say issue 80 is closed and superseded by 77 and 58 Jim Allan 2016-12-15
ACTION-92 (edit) open Review the wiki for informational graphic contrast. import to github issue 9 Jim Allan 2016-12-22
ACTION-93 (edit) open Add moving contrast of disabled controls to silver and removing from lvtf10 Jim Allan 2016-12-22
ACTION-94 (edit) open Manage metadata Wayne Dick 2017-02-02
ACTION-95 (edit) open Refocus #75 to pop-overs Wayne Dick 2017-02-23
ACTION-96 (edit) open Set up a joint meeting with coga Jim Allan 2017-04-06
ACTION-97 (edit) open Will schedule time for tpac Jim Allan 2017-04-20
ACTION-98 (edit) open Create definition of spatial layout for text resize Jim Allan 2017-05-04
ACTION-99 (edit) open Add text in description about fixed headers, and an advisory technique such as "using media queries to check for sufficient space of elements fixed to the viewport" Alastair Campbell 2017-07-27
ACTION-100 (edit) open Create popup rewrite Jim Allan 2017-07-27
ACTION-101 (edit) open Write next step after a review, would be to gather info from the (lv) user-requirements, and the content requirements, then use those to fill in the doc from lisa (or an equivalent). Jim Allan 2017-09-14
ACTION-102 (edit) open Consider in user needs/req issue with overall luminance (e.g., light background) sr's point in 14 sept 2017 Shawn Henry 2017-09-21
ACTION-103 (edit) open Put expert statements related to contrast on wiki page for reference -- from gordon legge and agustus at smith kettlewell Jim Allan 2017-10-19
ACTION-104 (edit) open Write to johnf about author not testing with screenmag for captions, refer to cvaa Jim Allan 2018-02-15
ACTION-105 (edit) open Create technique for scrolling within page and understanding with wayne. Jim Allan 2018-09-27
ACTION-106 (edit) open Create additions to 1.4.13 understanding with jim Stephen Repsher 2019-01-24
ACTION-108 (edit) open Will work with jon to create problem statement for snap scroll Jim Allan 2019-02-14
ACTION-109 (edit) open File an issue on snap scroll github Jim Allan 2019-02-14
ACTION-110 (edit) open In user needs, around reflow, consider mentioning tunnel Shawn Henry 2019-04-11
ACTION-111 (edit) open Create survey for reflow intent Jim Allan 2019-04-11
ACTION-112 (edit) open Report on contrast issues from csun Erich Manser 2019-04-11
ACTION-113 (edit) open Make a survey about new sc vs supplemental guidance Jim Allan 2019-04-11
ACTION-115 (edit) open Update 1.4.12 understanding with wayne Jim Allan 2019-08-01

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