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Implementation Details for Vision Australia

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Details for Vision Australia
Contact Name: Brian Hardy
Organization: Vision Australia
Externality: [greybox]
Submitter: Self
Conformance Level: AAA
Type of site:
Language: English
Site size: More than 100 pages
Starting URL: http://www.visionaustralia.org.au
Conformance Scope:

Whole site if possible

Technologies relied upon: HTML XHTML CSS Script Media
Technologies not relied upon:

Windows XP SP2, IE 7, IE6, Firefox 2, JAWS current Version, Zoomtext 9.14

May also test with Opera 9.1, WindowEyes current version, XP SP3. Vista may also be available in time, but not sure

Evaluation Results
Success Criterion Level Evaluation Comments
1.1.1: Non-text Content A Pass

Implementer has fixed issue.

1.2.1: Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded) A N/A  
1.2.2: Captions (Prerecorded) A N/A  
1.2.3: Audio Description or Full Text Alternative A N/A  
1.2.4: Captions (Live) AA N/A  
1.2.5: Audio Description AA N/A  
1.2.6: Sign Language AAA N/A  
1.2.7: Audio Description (Extended) AAA N/A  
1.2.8: Full Text Alternative AAA N/A  
1.2.9: Live Audio-only AAA N/A  
1.3.1: Info and Relationships A Pass  
1.3.2: Meaningful Sequence A Pass  
1.3.3: Sensory Characteristics A Pass  
1.4.1: Use of Color A Pass  
1.4.2: Audio Control A Pass  
1.4.3: Contrast (Minimum) AA Pass  
1.4.4: Resize text AA Pass  
1.4.5: Images of Text AA Pass  
1.4.6: Contrast (Enhanced) AAA Pass  
1.4.7: Low or No Background Audio AAA N/A

Changing SC

1.4.8: Visual Presentation AAA Pass  
1.4.9: Images of Text (No Exception) AAA Pass  
2.1.1: Keyboard A Pass  
2.1.2: No Keyboard Trap A Pass  
2.1.3: Keyboard (No Exception) AAA Pass  
2.2.1: Timing Adjustable A N/A  
2.2.2: Pause, Stop, Hide A N/A  
2.2.3: No Timing AAA Pass  
2.2.4: Interruptions AAA N/A  
2.2.5: Re-authenticating AAA N/A  
2.3.1: Three Flashes or Below Threshold A Pass  
2.3.2: Three Flashes AAA Pass  
2.4.1: Bypass Blocks A Pass  
2.4.2: Page Titled A Pass  
2.4.3: Focus Order A Pass  
2.4.4: Link Purpose (In Context) A Pass  
2.4.5: Multiple Ways AA Pass  
2.4.6: Headings and Labels AA Pass  
2.4.7: Focus Visible AA Pass

Implementer fixed issue.

2.4.8: Location AAA Pass  
2.4.9: Link Purpose (Link Only) AAA Pass  
2.4.10: Section Headings AAA Pass  
3.1.1: Language of Page A Pass  
3.1.2: Language of Parts AA N/A  
3.1.3: Unusual Words AAA Pass  
3.1.4: Abbreviations AAA Pass  
3.1.5: Reading Level AAA Pass  
3.1.6: Pronunciation AAA N/A  
3.2.1: On Focus A Pass  
3.2.2: On Input A Pass  
3.2.3: Consistent Navigation AA Pass  
3.2.4: Consistent Identification AA Pass  
3.2.5: Change on Request AAA N/A  
3.3.1: Error Identification A Pass  
3.3.2: Labels or Instructions A Pass  
3.3.3: Error Suggestion AA Pass  
3.3.4: Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data) AA Pass

Implementer has fixed issue.

3.3.5: Help AAA Pass  
3.3.6: Error Prevention (All) AAA N/A  
4.1.1: Parsing A Pass  
4.1.2: Name, Role, Value A Pass  
Overall comments