Instructions for editing WCAG 2.0 materials

Editing the Source

The source for the WCAG 2.0 Checkpoint and Guidelines is wcag-src.html

Place holding information - DO NOT EDIT

Conventions in the document

Generating the document

gl.xsl is the XSLT to generate the document.

Editing the XSLT

The versioning information is stored in the XSLT in the following variables:

Draft date to be used at the top of the document.
<xsl:variable name="draftDate">13 August 2001</xsl:variable>
"This version" link info
<xsl:variable name="thisVersion"></xsl:var iable>
Previous version link info
<xsl:variable name="previousVersion"></xsl :variable>
Latest version link info - don't change this one.
<xsl:variable name="latestVersion"></xsl:variable>
To include issues in the draft use:
<!-- xsl:template match="*[@class='issue']"/ -->
To not include issues in the draft use (this is the current setting):
<xsl:template match="*[@class='issue']"/>

Publishing the document

If using the XALAN java XSLT engine* the command line is:
java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -IN wcag-src.html -XSL gl.xsl -OUT temp1.html

*Note: you must remove the doctype and any namespace information from the beginning of the source document otherwise the front matter and table of contents will not be generated.

If using the XSLT processor on, the command line is:
@@Jason - what do you use?

This will create a file called "temp1.html." Publish temp1.html on the w3c site at the address given in the "This version" variable from above.

Run the Pubrules checker on the file to make sure that it is valid, that links are not broken, etc.

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