scripts - notes and scratchings

Started at the 15/16 July 2002 Face to face. cynthia and wendy intend to finish filling in the checklist and then figuring out where this work fits.

To author an page that still works without scripts

Examples of authoring directly accessible scripts

Adding keyboard handling to elements with onClick

Cynthia's example - test.htm

these elements generate a click event already: a, input, select, form, submit.

What this allows, since it could be an external script, is that someone could add "onclick" to any element and onclick and tabindex to anything not in the above list, so that both clicking and pressing return works on any element. Tab to and hit return on any element you could have clicked on.

Also, could walk the dom to find onclick and add tabindex to make this work for them, too. (or global search/replace).


onfocus checks to see how you get to an area in an image map. if mouse, get mouse specific tool tips, if via keyboard, keyboard-specific.

SVG jigsaw puzzle case study

things to do to make it accessible:

perhaps rewrite this in gif/html...

RDF editor case study

to make it accessible:

what is already working

usability/programming errors

poetry magnets

not implemented...but could be created as demo. since text, accessible in some sense already.

meeting software guidelines


requires CSS to meet some of them, e.g. setting system colors, fonts (e.g. high contrast mode)

ala CSS3 System Colors


wcag 2.0 specifics

wcag 2.0 checkpoint checkpoint success criteria (only minimum level) work w/out scripts accessible script
1.1 text equivs 1
  • images
    • rollovers - decorational - n/a
    • rollovers and 3 state buttons - non-decorational - some way to get text equiv for each state, if rollover change is semantic
  • equivalent functionality in a form or server-side (ala html - noscript).
  • if semantic change on rollover/state update text equiv appropriately.
2 it's the label (see fractal -->) the script is creating non-text content (e.g. positioning and movement).

for a script that generates fractals, it would be labeled "fractal generator" or something...

1.2 synch media events 1 audio description fallback to 1.1 e.g. svg jigsaw puzzle. suggested sound (click when pieces match). not an audio description, a sound. covered by this checkpoint or 5.4. need to clarify. somewhere - need a success criteria to address this interpretation. (e.g. "event" is a happening in a video (implied) rather than a app event. the whole checkpoint assumed video not apps - and that is not explicitly stated.
2. captions e.g. 1 fallback to 1.1

e.g. 2 should be server-side. tailor responses on server-side generation.

e.g.1 video game: encounter monster and it speaks to you, display the text of the monster's speech.

e.g. 2 if a test for educational thingy, get feedback for every question (tailoring based on answer for each response).

3. 1.1 label for this non-text content is: a video game that blah blah blah yes, do it.
4. if content is real-time audio/video, load in object rather than script so works if script turned off. (has nothing to do with captions, but loading of the real-time plug-in/app) n/a b/c non-interactive video/audio. (need to make clear in the success criteria that this is non-interactive, for symmertry w/success criteria #5)
5. same as #4 same as #4
6. same as #1 or #2 animated talking monster - same as #2?? so is this the success criteria we wanted from #2? same as #1 otherwise?

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