Techniques harvest

SC HTML CSS General Script Other
1.1 L1 SC1
  • Link to a sequence of pages that provide function (for some simple function): nightmare where page has to reload over and over
  • What is a good alt. For functional non-text content - simple example is a calculator
  • What captions are and audio description are and how to provide
  • Need to provide information about caption formats that can be used - can link to other sites with that info
  • Include discussion of open captioned format alongside non-captioned
  • Non-text elements generated by script must have text alternatives
  • Need to show how to properly add non-text elements that will work with at
  • Using script for hiding content
  • Link to server side implementation
  • (Regarding accessing captions) store user settings in a cookie
  • Provide a script button to access the captions
  • Link to flash techniques
1.1 L1 SC2          
1.1 L1 SC3
  • Text labels above and below the sensory content
  • Client side forms validation with server side back up
1.1 L1 SC4
  • Consider no-script element with no content
  • Using images as list item bullets (removed?)
  • Background images are being used freq now for decorative images
  • Use CSS for non-essential background audio
  • Putting it in a fashion so if script is not supported it just disappears for decorative content-- this becomes a tech. That just explains that you don't have to do anything (for scripting that is not essential to operation)
1.1 L1 SC5        
  • Meta refresh for web cams - traffic cams for ex
1.2 L1 SC2        
1.2 L2 SC1        
1.2 L3 SC1
  • Link to stable site that provides description of different options for real time captioning
  • Providing sign language video e.g., vcom 3d
  • Get rnid to provide techniques
  • Techniques for where to position
  • Techniques on picture in picture display SMIL techniques for sizing and position in window or present in separate window
1.2 L3 SC2      
  • Same as audio descriptions, SMIL 2 will have a way to pause video
1.2 L3 SC3    
  • John Slatin's performance where the audio description was scripted but done "live"
  • Radio describes - that's why lots of people listen to the radio and watch at the same time
1.3 L1 SC1  
  • Positioning, styling
  • Relationship between caption/audio description and multimedia
  • Create elements when creating new content
1.3 L1 SC2
  • Emphasis element and coloring rather than just using span with color
  • Asterisk near required field instead of just making it red
  • Color for headings
  • Encoding color so that it can be programmatically determined: have to specify it a certain way so that ats can pick it up
  • Indicating correct and incorrect
  • Style switcher
  • Cautionary - don't just change the color unless also setting some structural attribute
1.3 L2 SC1  
  • Not using CSS as the only way to indicate a blockquote
  • Choosing technologies whose players expose text attributes to AT
1.3 L2 SC2
  • (Similar to L1)
1.3 L3 SC1
  • Tabindex? May be covered by 2.4
  • Don't put stuff out of sequence
  • Affecting the layout, when that fails, the order should still be relevant
  • Sequences between delivery units
  • Script to provide style switcher
1.4 L1 SC1  
  • For background images and colors
  • Layered divs
  • Hiding layered divs
1.4 L2 SC1    
  • (only general)
1.4 L2 SC2    
  • (general techniques)
  • Provide links to tools to evaluate
1.4 L2 SC3
  • bgsound, autoplay
  • Button
  • Scripted cookie to remember settings
  • Cookie to remember settings
1.4 L3 SC1
  • Using foreground and background colors
  • Using foreground and background colors
  • Scripted colour changes to create violations that weren't there before
  • Moving text must have sufficient contrast with all the places it can move to
1.4 L3 SC2    
  • Strategy for measuring
2.1 L1 SC1
  • onclick as mechanism to get focus
  • tabindex, though user agent issues
  • Anchors on image buttons
2.1 L3 SC1
  • Redundant links for server-side image maps
  • Use of <map> to allow keyboard navigation
  • Keyboard access to controls used in mapping programs
2.2 L1 SC1    
  • Show time remaining
  • Creating a time out with a way to turn it off
  • Creating a way to extend or modify time
  • Server-side tech to remember settings related to timeouts
2.2 L2 SC1  
  • Switch between using animated vs. Static images
  • Implement blinking via script w/ a way to turn it off
  • Cover animated gifs
2.2 L2 SC2    
  • Pausing multimedia
  • Make text shake, there should be a script technique to make it stop shaking
  • Ticker-tape scrolling (various technologies)
2.2 L3 SC1    
  • Design content without requiring timing
  • Address online testing
2.2 L3 SC2
  • Meta-refresh technique
  • Turning things off
  • JavaScript alerts? Issues around allowing users to turn off alerts - might be a technique to allow people to prevent alerts
2.2 L3 SC3      
  • Checking to find out if timeout is about to occur and allowing users to submit before timeout occurs
  • Server-side techniques around keeping data while awaiting re-authentication
  • Store intermediate results on multi-part surveys on the server
2.3 L1 SC1    
  • How to provide a good warning and using entry pages (issues around controlling path users use to get to a page)
  • Splash page that warns of issue before playing
  • Use a checkbox on a page that presents a warning before presenting content
  • Just don't do it
  • How to evaluate for problematic content
  • Can check preferences before serving problem content
  • Use robots.txt to exclude violating content from search engines
2.3 L3 SC1
  • Foreground/background issues
  • Foreground/background issues
  • Some way to determine whether or not they are violating this
  • Need to address what the problem space around these criterion are
2.4 L1 SC1
  • <link> and <a>
  • Header elements
  • Lists and groups of links
  • onclick event handlers that take you to another page
  • Autosubmit combo boxes
  • Reference DHTML roadmap
  • JavaScript url (sometimes navigational feature, sometimes not) -- if you're using this as a navigational feature, don't
2.4 L2 SC1
  • Table of contents
  • Linking to related content
  • How to assign effective metadata
  • Allowing users to search as well as browse
  • Links to most popular content
  • From a list apart - use link element to create drop-down menus
  • Server-side tech about using search engines
2.4 L2 SC2
  • Revise HTML 9.7 to be more general? (currently applies only to link groups)
  • Ideally, using <div> would help
  • Headers
  • Tables
  • Allow keyboard users to view skip links
  • Hide repeated content
2.4 L2 SC3    
  • Writing a good title
  • Titles being unique?
2.4 L2 SC4
  • Use spacer gif in link text so that it is not visible where alt for spacer gif gives additional clarification
2.4 L3 SC1
  • For image maps, area element should exist in source code in reasonable order
  • HTML forms, if multiple submit buttons, be sure the first one is the one you want to be default (may fit better under 2.1)
  • Negative technique around illogical HTML source order corrected by CSS
  • Focus order for JavaScript menus
2.4 L3 SC2
  • Use of <link> element
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Using icons and color to differentiate sections of a site
  • Negative technique around breaking the back button?
  • Using different colors on visited vs. Unvisited links
2.5 L2 SC1    
  • Validation of credit card formats
  • Writing understandable 401 or 404 pages
  • Provide a guess when desired page is not found "smart 404"
  • Client side validation and scripting alert
  • Client side validation and add error text via the DOM
2.5 L2 SC2    
  • Google "did you mean" example
  • Provide a list of words that are similar
  • Type 3 letters and provide a list of choices that begin with those letters
  • Use soundex codes
  • Google suggest? Http://
  • Show similar search results/matches
  • In page link from error message to field with the error
  • A featured link in amazon?
  • Query enhancements
2.5 L2 SC3    
  • Dividing processes into steps and allowing forward and backward nav.
  • Return a new form with only the incorrect fields available
  • Programmatically provide supplemental information - tooltips with additional info or help
  • Alert/pup-up with "Are you sure?" and ok, cancel
  • Server side tech that allows users to log back in, see past transactions and cancel
2.5 L3 SC1    
  • Confirmation window opens to show user action has completed
  • Provide spell checking
  • Help bubbles
  • Tooltips using title
  • Do not use same words or letter combinations to begin each item of the list
  • Providing help link on every page
  • (annoying) assistant in the corner of the page
3.1 L1 SC1
  • Text directionality
  • Use of meta tag with content-language (unsure if supported)
  • How to use templates - put language in just once in the template. This could also be used in many other areas
3.1 L2 SC1
  • What to do if specify more than one language in header?
3.1 L3 SC1
  • <link rel="glossary">
  • Provide definitions via bubble help
  • Provide hyperlinks to relevant online dictionaries
3.1 L3 SC2
  • Definition lists
  • Internal linking
  • Way to highlight important words in the content via button press and scripting/CSS
3.1 L3 SC3    
  • Expanded form presented first time it is used and acronym is presented in parends after - then use acronym in subsequent references
  • Provide search engine to look up
3.1 L3 SC4    
  • How to mark up section titles
  • How to write descriptive titles
3.1 L3 SC5  
  • Make sure people notice the text summary by using diff. Presentation style
  • Recommendations on how to provide the alternatives
  • Front load the document - make first paragraph the summary
  • Make sure spoken version of text content is not started automatically in the background or only at the user's request
  • Style sheet switcher or script tech. To switch between diff. Version of a doc.
3.2 L1 SC1
  • Need an alternative to "target" since not allowed in strict HTML. Rel is external then programmatically open new window.
  • CSS inherit w/inherit property children will accept computed value of parent
  • Using "a" is one way to satisfy this. Have technique for using? [or just refer to HTML spec]
3.2 L2 SC1  
  • CSS about indenting text. Not properly mapped.
  • General tech about introducing subitems to clarify allowed
  • Server-side includes
  • Templates
  • CMS to help
3.2 L2 SC2
  • Discuss onfocus event handler and what not to do when activated
  • Change of context - a change of user agent, viewport, user interface controls, or focus; or complete change of content.
  • Does this address issue w/tabbing to menu item and menu item opens automatically (on tab into)?
  • On forms submit, have to use submit so that doesn't rely on focus to cause submission
3.2 L2 SC3      
  • Using onchange on select (in an accessible way) somewhat controversial (but will log and explore)
  • Question about: technique to address issue that automatically advances you to next field after enter x # of characters? When hit back to fix an entry, now in different field.
3.2 L2 SC4    
  • This is more about generating the page rather than fixing later. Perhaps general technique "just do it..."
3.2 L3 SC1    
  • Test - if a graphic is associated with different uris on different pages, flag them and determine if differences make sense. If not, make consistent.
3.2 L3 SC2
  • "On leaving a data field"
  • Use links to cause page to refresh instead of automatic refresh
  • No automatic refreshes, at all.
  • Navigating around page, shouldn't cause change of context (e.g., pop-ups). However, this meant to mean "only by user request."
  • Changes of user agent
  • Change in user interface control?
4.2 L1 SC1
  • noframes, noscript
  • Fallback mechanism for applets (if applet not in baseline) need alternative mechanism for functionality
  • Links to alternatives (concern about these and cyberghetto)
  • Content negotiation
  • User settings, store preferences
  • Style switcher
4.2 L1 SC2    
  • Keyboard handling
  • Not trapping keyboard
  • "hit x to return to previous page" covered by "must be able to use w/keyboard"
  • Getting trapped in a plug-in
  • Can never use contenteditable? Should document workarounds/games/kludges related to
  • Keyboard event handlers. How to return t/f if handle or if OS handles.
4.2 L1 SC3    
  • There are techniques but can't validate right now and don't have spec *yet*
  • However, if use elements semantically correctly would satisfy to best of ability. Also, in some techs (flash) don't' you have to do for info to get passed through?
  • Concern that people creating UI elements with a and div and is that not using the elements semantically correctly
  • Issue - is it possible to meet the strict interpretation of this in HTML? If not, what is the intent? Can we meet the intent with other wording?
4.2 L1 SC4
  • Label element for most controls, alt for image input, value for most buttons, text for button element
4.2 L1 SC5      
  • DHTML roadmap techniques
  • Java, Flash techniques
  • Primary concern now about programmatic objects. Mapping to UAAG 1.0 that all things are covered. Eventually XHTML. Perhaps confusing now for HTML developers, but need to document in guide asap
4.2 L1 SC6    
  • Point to external documentation that explains/shows
  • Redundant with using accessibility conventions? No - if use accessibility features, get for free. If not, need to do the things in L1 SC6
  • Document.write
  • W/java if using classes that include accessibility then get for free, but if not then need to ensure that do these things
4.2 L2 SC1
  • "Creating Invisible labels for form elements" is mapped here. Should remap to L1SC4
  • People interpret this to mean that they have to use all accessibility features (e.g., accesskey, tabindex) that not necessarily the case
  • Document the user agent issue where accessibility features are not supported or supported inconsistently
4.2 L3 SC1      
  • All uses of JavaScript on a site (if script not in baseline) are accessible and also work with out.
  • Tech is - follow techs for that tech