Summary of comments received in reaction to "Key results and recommendations from Face to face"

Summary of comments received since Gregg sent, "Key results and recommendations from Face to Face."

This is a very rough collection of notes to help me create summaries for the WCAG WG. I provide this publicly in case anyone finds it interesting, although expect that it will not be used by anyone but me.

1) Can't use UAAG as Baseline

It was concluded that UAAG 1.0 does not resolve the baseline issue because it does not resolve key questions like whether script support is provided.

We will therefore not be relying on UAAG as a baseline.


2) WCAG not set any explicit baseline

WCAG will not set an explicit baseline; instead, external decision makers will make baseline assumptions or requirements. These include [but are not limited to] governments, customers, companies, managers, and authors.


3) WCAG written as functional outcomes and not assume user tools and technologies

WCAG will not explicitly state what technologies are supported or what tools users will have at their disposal. WCAG criteria should be written as functional outcomes (see clarification #1) and therefore should not be specific to any technologies such as scripting, css, etc.


4) With regard to baseline and techniques:

  1. Techniques can not be more restrictive than guidelines otherwise techniques become normative. [and Techniques should never be normative.]
  2. Techniques documents may provide multiple techniques and those techniques may differ based on user agent assumptions. For example, we could have 2 techniques: 1. how to make scripts accessible for user agents and assist. tech that support scripts 2. how to write content in such a way that if scripts are turned off the content degrades gracefully (i.e., still usable w/out scripting). however, these two techniques are not mutually exclusive and one or the other is used depending on what technology choices are made.


5) Tests not set baseline

Tests will not set a baseline. Multiple tests may be provided to correspond to multiple techniques.


Baseline or not

Question seems to boil down to baseline or not.

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