Sept. 23 Reorganization Proposal

The following proposal is designed to bring together:

  1. elements from the last three proposals that recieved the best reception in discussions
  2. the ongoing edits that the group has reached consensus on over the last 2 months
  3. our decisions and recommendations from the last teleconference

In compiling this, it is not clear whether the best practice measures (note new name) should be included in the guidelines document or removed per recent discussions. When we removed them, what was left looked incomplete. Many of the checkpoints had a single success criteria that was different from the checkpoint, thus leading the reader to wonder why the only criteria for success was worded so differently from the rule that it was a success criterion for. To see this most easily, you can look at View 1 - Required Only, which shows only the required success criteria for each checkpoint.

To view the checkpoints with the required success criteria and the best practice measures only, use View 2 - Required Plus Best Practice Only. I think you will see that everything makes more sense if the best practice are included with the required.

Available Views:

  1. View 1 - Required Only
  2. View 2 - Required Plus Best Practice Only
  3. View 3 - Required, Best Practice and Informative
  4. View 4 - Combined (everything in one document)
  5. View 5 - Best Practice and Additional Notes Only

Conformance notes

People have asked for the concept of A, Double-A and Triple-A. These will have different meaning than they did last time, but we determined that the meanings we used last time weren't really accurate or appropriate.

For WCAG 2.0, the three levels of conformance might be thought of as:

As with WCAG 1.0, almost no one is going to achieve Triple-A in a form that others won't dispute. But, it really isn't important if someone works so hard that they think they have achieved Triple-A, then more power to them. Nobody is going to require it. It will only be A and Double-A that will get much scrutiny.

If we use this approach, then a very careful examination of the comparisons between A and Double-A for WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 will need to be done. We will undoubtedly need the technology specific checklists in order to do this, however.

Keeping Best Practice in the Guidelines Document

By moving all of the best practice success criteria into AAA conformance levels, we may address the primary motivation for removing them from the guidelines (i.e. that they would get incorporated into minimum requirements) by renaming them. "Best Practice Measures" instead of "Best Practice Success Criteria" will further break this linkage.

Finally, we could also add structural markup and visual formatting to emphasize the differences beteen the two categories.

If some country or municipality is bound and determined to add one of these (best practice items) into the required list for their use, however, it is critical that they all use the same wording and that they not make up their own new criteria since that is the worst of all possible worlds because it leads to not just different (compatible) standards but to different incompatible standards that sites might have to conform to.

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