September 18, 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes


Ben Caldwell, Andi Snow-Weaver, Gregg Vanderheiden, Bengt Farre, Cynthia Shelly, Kerstin Goldsmith, John Slatin, Michael Cooper, Roberto Castaldo, Roberto Scano, Matt May, Dave McDonald, Loretta Guarino Reid, Mike Barto, Tom Croucher, Paul Bohman


Lee Roberts, Wendy Chisholm, Yvette Hoitink, Gian Sampson-Wild, Avi Arditti

Summary of results of discussion on Bug 170

suggestion is that sites be able to claim conformance even if ads are not compliant as long as the ads don't block content.

  1. causing seizures
  2. distraction
  3. flashing screen readable text which might grab focus from screen readers
  4. popups
  5. ads which steal or keep keyboad focus
  6. ads which make a page refresh and thus cause screen readers to reset

All but the seizure part would be okay if only continues for n seconds and then stops automatically or if it is easy for the user to stop it. (Number of seconds needs to be researched. Some felt 2 - 3 seconds to as much as 10 seconds.)

Also felt that if user agent could prevent or turn off these behaviors, there would be no requirement for the authors to do this but we would still recommended that authors not do it.

"Distraction" needs to be clearly defined because the whole point of ads is to distract.

Detailed discussion of bug 170 - requirements for advertising which is pushed to a web site

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