18 Jun 2003 - WCAG WG Techniques Task Force Teleconference Minutes


Wendy Chisholm, Ben Caldwell, Chris Ridpath, Richard Ishida, Charles McCathieNevile


Michael Cooper, Roberto Scano, Roberto Ellero, Francesco Fedele

new action items

action items from last week

bc - couldn't find any magnification tools that navigate tables much less parse html. magic does show links list, but that's about the level of support. not been a priority for them to work on table navigationn

resolved: carry the action items forward

techniques schema - resources

i18n schema design for resources - talked about a couple weeks ago. agreed to use that style in our schema.

action: wac incorporate into wcag's xmlspec-techs

techniques schema: user-agent issues

i18n techniques schema documentation

in wcag techniques, we'll want to include assistive technologies, e.g., say "this technique works with X screen reader with IE6 on windows"

should assistive technology be a separate element? if it were, we could associate an AT w/multiple UAs

types of things we want to say: browser works w/AT, browser doesn't work w/AT, browser version X didn't work with AT, browser version Y did work with AT

ua-issue probably better place for info about relationships

what about RDF-compatible data? we could then mark combinations of things pretty readily, and extend it for particular version sets where there is a reason to distinguish. for example, we could say that a particular technique works for anything that has certain capacities.This is something that user agents in SVG and SMIL are used to handling anyway. e.g. this technique works for a system that presents text.(which is most systems) or this technique works for a system that presents text blocks of at least 300 words

assistive technology - a separate element? attribute of ua-issues and/or ua-applicability

AT/browser - a bundle thus not need too much separation

wac proposes: let's get some data about this (i.e., from ben's action item) and see what it is we're trying to say. then come back to the design discussion.

i18n example of using user-agent element in technique.

How to edit & build the i18n techniques

sharing dtds (i18n and wcag)

let's keep the same dtd but use 2 techniques elements: techniques-wai, techniques-geo

issue: the author needs to know to choose the right element

we'll document this.

action: richard merge i18n and wcag xmlspec-techs. add techniques-wai and techniques-geo.

html techniques draft

wac is working on a draft but not yet ready to send the uri to the mailing list.

do we want to get a draft of html techniques to TR sooner or later? consensus around sooner.

what is the relationship between techniques and checklist? we don't need a checklist to go to TR. plus, we'll need general/x-tech techniques and css before we can generate an html checklist.

Process for incorporating discussion into techniques

the process for techniques should be similar for wcag 2.0 and thursday calls but with the extra step that we take proposals first to our wednesday call then to the thursday call. thus:

  1. proposals sent to mailing list for discussion
  2. after discussion on list, discuss at wednesday telecon
  3. once have proposal that has consensus, agenda request for thursday telecon
  4. once approval at thursday telecon incorporate into techniques draft

once a technique makes it into a techniqeus document, is there an appeal process? techs are living docs and open to change. we anticipate that most of the changes will reflect advances in technology, whether a language or support for the language in user agents and assistive technologies.

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