05 Jun 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes

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Dave MacDonald, Roberto Scano, Wendy Chisholm, Jason White, Matt May, Loretta Guarino Reid, Gregg Venderheiden, Ben Caldwell, Lee Roberts, Bengt Farre, Jibari Simmons, Cynthia Shelly, Michael Cooper, Avi Arditti, Andi Snow-Weaver


Ted Pibil, Doyle Burnett, John Slatin, Gian Sampson Wild

Action Items

conformance section of next draft

Draft conformance section - Wendy Chisholm 4 June 2003


thus the primary axes of discussion:

Does checkpoint 1.2 belong in core or extended?

Checkpoint 1.2 Synchronized media equivalents are provided for time-dependent presentations

reason for ?? on this one, people were concerned that all of the current success criteria are core and that perhaps some should either be best practice or move to extended in some way. The concern is about trying to apply the success criteria to every web cam, newscast, and home broadcast.

Some proposals to solve this:

Arguments made against proposals:

Resolved: for this draft we will mark as core but include a reviewer's note that says something like, "WG is discussing where this should be required and where it should be considered best practice." and summarize why we have questions.

Does checkpoint 2.3 belong in core or extended?

Checkpoint 2.3 User can avoid experiencing screen flicker

Discussed a variety of ideas to make this testable:

Resolved: include a reviewer's note that says something like, "still working on how to test for flicker. considering uses of metadata to report flicker rate." explain relationship to UA. "this is currently in core under the assumption that we will be able to create a mechanism to test for flicker and to provide a metadata label of the flicker rate. If either of these does not hold we will move this checkpoint to extended.

Does checkpoint 3.2 belong in core or extended?

checkpoint 3.2 The definition of abbreviations and acronyms can be unambiguously determined


Unresolved. continue discussion at next week's telecon


Next week (12 june): tie up loose ends so can publish WD draft to TR the following week.

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