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Basic template

<technique id="xyz">    
    <checkpoint idref=""></checkpoint>        
    <success-criterion idref=""></success-criterion>    


<technique id="meta-title"> 
  <short-name><code>TITLE</code> : the document title</short-name> 
    <checkpoint idref="text-equivs"/> 
    <success-criterion idref="text-equivs-all"/> 
  <checklist-item> <p>Use the <code>TITLE</code> element to describe 
  the document</p> </checklist-item> 
    <p>All documents, including individual frames in a 
    frameset, should have a <code>TITLE</code> element that defines 
    in a simple phrase the purpose of the document.</p> 
    <p>Note that the (mandatory)  <code>TITLE</code>  element, which 
    only appears once in a document, is different from the  title 
    attribute, which applies to almost every HTML 4.01 element. Content 
    developers should use  the "title" attribute in accordance with the 
    HTML 4.01 specification. For   example, "title" should be used with 
    links to provide information about the target of the link.  
    <loc href="text-equivs" role="checkpoint"/> </p> 
      <p>This example defines a document's title.</p> 
      &lt;!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"     
      ""&gt; &lt;HTML lang="en" 
      xmlns=""&gt; &lt;HEAD&gt; 
      &lt;TITLE&gt;The World Wide Web Consortium&lt;TITLE&gt;  
      ... &lt;/HEAD&gt; &lt;BODY&gt; ...  
    <graphic source="screen-ex1.png" alt="screen shot of..."/> 
    <audio-clip source="audio-ex1.wav" alt="audio clip of..."/> 
        <loc href="">HTML 
        4.01  TITLE specification</loc> 

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