17 Apr 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes


Jibari, Ben Caldwell, Gregg Vanderheiden, Loretta Guarino Reid, Jason White, Michael Cooper, Wendy Chisholm, Andi Snow-Weaver, Matt May, Bengt Farre, Doyle Burnett, John Slatin, David MacDonald


Avi Arditti, Cynthia Shelly, Roberto Scano, Kertin Goldsmith


latest draft of charter

if you have comments or quesitons, get them to wendy before next tuesday (22 April).

Proposed changes to checkpoint 1.2

Ben's proposal for checkpoint 1.2 - 15 April 2003

When we ask people to review the next draft, are there people who we ought to specifically ask to review checkpoint 1.2?

Proposed changes to checkpoint 1.5

Ben's proposal for checkpoint 1.5 - 17 April 2003

why is audio contrast only at level 3? if higher it would outlaw all movies.

separating out the voice and turning off all noise is difficult, sometimes impossible (i.e., t.v. reporting from the field)

text is usually put over the top of a picture not part of the picture.

however, if have a photograph and there is a street sign in it, we are not saying you must be able to lift out that text.

should document this info somewhere. expect this question from others.

action gv: write benefits statement to address this issue. (done. gv's proposal for informative section of checkpoint 1.2 - 17 April 2003)

was an idea of 70% contrast ever in here or from someplace else?

used to have a ratio, but then have "pitch black and pitcher black"

ratio was 7:1. tracking down how to make that work.

the current scheme is from Chris Ridpath. We ought to invite him to a call to discuss.

will a number scheme ever work?

is there a setting on your computer to change to black and white?

if could do grayscale, the grayscale test may do something.

color blindness is not seeing in greyscale (unless monochromatic)

under level 2, perhaps put a note associated w/"in 256 greyscale". viewing in greyscale is not equivalent to viewing with a color deficiency or impairment

helps but doesn't completely address the problem.

One simulator is VisCheck

at level 3, say "black and white" instead of "256 grayscale?"

if level 2 doesn't get us to copmlete access, then 3 does need to and if still says 256 and that doesn't work for everyone, then needs to change.

black and white (no greyscale)

action: michael track color contrast algorithm. talk with chris ridpath

Proposed conformance summary for TR draft

Conformance: Draft text for next TR Working Draft WAC's proposal - 16 April 2003

thinking about what to link to (the summary)

put the most recent post first (i.e. reverse chrono order)

if point to home page, and this list is here people can see this growing.

intent to keep this page up to date. tracking the issues related to conformance.

backwards compatibility with 1.0? have requirement in Requirements for WCAG 2.0

it won't be the same, but not entirely different.

great to be backwards compatible, but what does that mean?

wac action: update checkpoint mapping.

good to have a document to help people transition.

get comments back by next tuesday so that wendy can incorporate changes before next mtg.

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