06 Mar 2003 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes


Jason White, Matt Margolin, Matt Mirabella, Loretta Guarino Reid, Lee Roberts, John Slatin, Roberto Scano, Doyle Burnett, Ben Caldwell, Bengt Farre, Avi Arditti, Cynthia Shelly, Kerstin Goldsmith


Wendy Chisholm, Gregg Vanderheiden,


Ben had questions about checkpoint to 2.1 proposal - any objections?  No objections voiced.  Several nays.  Endorsed, and will go into effect in the next public draft.

Checkpoint 4.1 proposal from Avi - Avi still working on it, draft stage – final edits within a few days, and will post to the list.  Will be reverting to previous version, including "sensibility" and "reasonable-ness." Before next Thursday.

Open Items:  Proposal on 1.1, comments not resolved.  1.2 and 1.4 language changes not in working draft yet. Wendy and Ben adding examples, possibly?  It's on Ben's list, he will get it done.

Face-to-face: hoping to have dial-up for remote folks that connect to one of the bridges (from Gregg).

Lee finished up his action item any comments?  5.3/5.4 with regard to wp applications and education.  First scenario upload and downloads of education assigments for completion and grading; form-based assignments, completing the assigments on the through the server.  Second scenario: dummy client uses spreadsheet or wp applications through a browser.  Gregg's idea is that if it is installed on the client system (before the content comes down) and is used to retrieve content, then it's user agent.  Cynthia will post draft to the list in a few hours to help clarify between uaag and wcag. User Agent renders content from somewhere else, or interpreter for a scripting language and renderers of content: flash, realplayer, etc.. 

Action Items

Avi will submit new proposal for 4.1 by next Thursday.

Ben will follow up on the 13 proposals on 1.2 before face-to-face.

Cynthia will post draft today or tomorrow of 5.3/5.4 to list.

Review of Cynthi's draft of 5.3/5.4.

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