12 Dec 2002 - WCAG WG Teleconference Minutes


Phone: Lee Roberts, Wendy Chisholm, Michael Cooper, Doyle Burnett, Eugenia Slaydon, Avi Arditti, Jason White, Roberto Scano, Judy Brewer (1st 30 mins), Ken Kipnes, Gregg Vanderheiden, Ben Caldwell, John Slatin, Cynthia Shelly, Paul Bohman, Loretta Guarino Reid, Bengt Farre

IRC: Judy, Zakim, bengt, PatBertin, rscano, wendy


Matt May, Andi Snow-Weaver, Katie Haritos-Shea

Action Items and Resolutions


Discussion about use of the mailing list and possible changes to make it feel more welcoming of external comments.

JW, GV, JB, and WAC invite people to comment privately to the chairs/staff contact about concerns related to the group's progress and process.

Requirements for Techniques

Draft: Requirements for Techniques documents

desired outputs from xml source:

In discussing the requirements document, these two additional audiences were raised:

There was concern that addressing these audiences might decrease the technical nature of the techniques documents. Isn't that what the guidelines/checkpoints are for?

There were several responses to this concern:

Editing issues (techniques)

complimentary xmlspy licence for editors or use tool of choice (that validates XML)

expectation that our schema will be reused by other groups developing guidelines and techniques i.e., I18N, DIWG, QA, etc.


action WAC: finish converting dtd to XMLSchema, send to list for discussion.

action WAC: schedule first techniques-specific telecon for 2nd week of January, 10-11:30 a.m. eastern U.S.

roles of the editor:

document the editing process: the schema, the process, the tools

Timeline (techniques)

proposed timeline:

action MC and WAC incorporate comments on Requirements for Techniques, publish on w3c site, clarify .

resolved: (proposed) plan to publish Requirements for Techniques for WCAG 2.0 on TR the 2nd week of January.


Roberto Scano and Bengt Farre participated in the meeting using net2phone. It cost USD.05/minute.

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