6 September 2001 WCAG WG



Microsoft presentation at F2F

Resolved: modify agenda for Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to accomodate Microsoft presentation and discussion.



Action WC: post list of required readings w/

Techniques Drafts

JW HTML published this evening, PDF earlier today.

WC Would like to compare the 3 techniques documents. Very different. What format should they take? How do success criteria relate to techniques/technology-specific checkpoints.

JW I can take an action to write up a proposal and capture the issues.

KHS Take existing 3 differences, which is good for each and how they should organize the documents.

GV I think of them as being A, B, and C. A = general, non-technology specific, B = technology-specific things you had to do, C=in WCAG 1.0 is techniques, but notes about how to do it, code, informative info.

Action JW: Write up issues with technology-specific information and relation to non-tech info.

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