Temperature dans des villes de France Mois JanvierFevrierMarsAvril VilleSudNice13141516 Cannes14151617 NordParis5678 Lille-3-2-10
Cups of coffee consumed by each senator Name Cups Type of Coffee Sugar? T. Sexton 10 Espresso No Nom Prenom Age Profession Cabrit Eric 23 Etudiant
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Community Courses -- Bath Autumn 1997 Course Name Course Tutor Summary Code Fee After the Civil War Dr. John Wroughton The course will examine the turbulent years in England after 1646. 6 Weekly meetings starting Monday 13th October. H27 £32 An introduction to Anglo-Saxon England Mark Cottle One day course introducing the early medieval period reconstruction the Anglo-Saxon and their society. Saturday 18th October. H28 £18
Eric Cabrit
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