Wart hog eating grass WART - An EARL Report Tool


EARL allows someone to describe how well Web content or a tool follows guidelines or specifications. For example, using EARL you can describe if a particular image is used in an accessible way on a Web page. Or if a user agent displays SVG images properly. "Properly" is defined by the SVG specification. "Accessible" is defined in WCAG.

This tool will help you step through a specification and create a conformance report. The report is stored as EARL but may be transformed into XHTML or any other XML-based language.


I'll be updating the ERT WG as I progress, getting feedback along the way. Once the basic forms are in place and it generates EARL, perhaps ask for feedback in a wider audience. Be sure to keep the ERT-type developers updated so they could begin implementing and sharing data with us.

$Date: 2001/07/03 14:46:03 $ Wendy Chisholm