26 June 2000 Telecon

Summary of action items and resolutions

Open action items from 12 June telecon

Open action items from the AU/ER face2face

  1. Action:MC propose definitions of blocks
  2. Action:CMN ask the internationalization interest group about readability indicies in other languages, e.g. Fog Index or style/grammar checkers.
  3. Action:GR ask people who do mathematics on the web to find out combinations of elements that would trigger that this is a math equation or logic expression.
  4. Action:DD continue exploring OCR field that can do anything to recognize that there is text.
  5. Action:WC add HTML MAP technique for grouping links to AERT.
  6. Action:CS ask the necessary folks at Microsoft if the plug-ins could be made available in more obvious space.
  7. Action:MC make the browser support info from bobby available.




  1. Status and report on Action items: Refer to June 12 minutes:
  2. We've had some good discussion on 12.3 . Lets see if we can pin down a bottom line consensus. Issues include:

Open Action Items

WC There are several open items from last week as well as some from the f2f. I still have several. Michael, Gregory, Cynthia do as well. None of them are here today.

/* action items still open are listed in the Summary of action items at the beginning of this document. */


CR What is a large block? How big is too big? For a sentence, a list, etc. If you have a list with > 10 items is that too big.

WL depend on context.

WC List of states. Don't break that up if ask for area code.

WL But if list original 13 colonies. Author choice.

WC But, we need a trigger number to suggest to the author that chunking might need to occur.

LK When you look at a page where it is not obvious how big each list is.

WL What is industry practice? Is it what will fit on one unscrolled screen?

DB Somtimes.

BM That's the IBM idea, everything should fit on one page.

HB We do that with hyperlinks.

LK All of the info plus headings. Headings allow you to scan and can dig in deeper where you are drawn to.

WC #'s we have come from numbers of buttons on a phone (10) and chunks of info can keep in short-term memory (7 +/- 2). Was there more research this was based on? Should we do more?

WL What does this have to do with accessibility?

CR Cognitive and blindness/low vision.

DB Tables of contents? Any page?

WC all kinds of things. perhaps clarify. i'm mostly talking lists.

CR in sentences, no more than 2 verbs.

WC This is a checkpoint of WCAG, thus we can't decide here why to trigger (an accessibility issue or not), but how to trigger. Concerned about references. Where did CMN's suggestion come from? Want to back these claims up.

LK trigger on any document.

CR problem with checks that appear all the time is that people ignore them.

DB Long sentences is least of our worries, numbers of links on a page is more of an issue. We can suggest ways you can count.

WC We need to collect references to resources. Word does grammar checks.

WL Collection be useful to someone making a tool.

Action WC: dig up references for writing comprehension.

WC rant on HFWeb tool for eye-tracking. need for data. use of patterns. could use a tool to compare eye-tracking and structure.

Action WC: send eyetracking tool info to list.

LK did they look at the effect of the task? that might have an effect.

WC lots of open issues.

LK consensus that a tool should count number of options in a list, etc. and offer a threshold for these things?

Resolved: we can suggest that a tool should count the number of options in a list, etc. and offer a threshold for length. Not all tools need to do this, and we don't have consensus on the lengths to specify.

CR write up the things we are checking for and put in the document. "We are checking sentences for length, we are looking at ... "

WC Yes, that's how we've been doing it. Keep the issues inline.

LK Flicker is another one, i've talked with a neurosurgeon who said it was more than flicker rater, but size, color, other motion. There is a whole text book.

Action LK: get reference of book re: info of seizures and flicker.

WL many of the current presentation "semantics" are based on what's fashionable. E.g. McDonald's painting restaurants a certain color to stimulate hunger. Last year's fashionable is this year's horror.

Next meeting

July 3 - those of us who can, will.

No meeting on July 10, since meet with AU on the 11th.

Aim to publish another public draft in July, probably week of July 24.

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