25 June 2001 WAI ER WG Telecon

Minutes taken by Wendy

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F2F: F2F in September sounds good. One option is to look for a place in Brighton. Suggested that if people attending by phone that minutes be taken in IRC. Need a better phone system as well.

All: It is not clear where this group is headed. After we finish EARL, there was discussion of merging with WCAG and AU, or providing support for those groups in developing tools to help them get through CR with respective advanced versions of their documents.

Not clear how developers will include or refer to EARL since there isn't a MIME type. There is a possibility of using http headers with RIDL, but that is not yet a standard and not clear if it will be implemented. Therefore, we talked about using comments within headers like CSS and scripting use for backwards compatibility.

SP: Talked about XWeb a new language he and Aaron Swartz are working on. The group is very interested in learning more, since it includes a switch-like statement to associate multiple alternatives with a piece of content. SP needs to check with Aaron before releasing the URI to everyone. Also discussed an article written with Murray Altheim. SP needs to send URI to article to the list. See summary below.

WL: Wants an abstract of EARL to take to the DIWG. He will summarize the issues of the DIWG so someone can write an abstract that shows how EARL can help with those issues.

All: We briefly discussed if WCAG 2.0 would require machine-readable assertions of the accessibility of the content. So far the WCAG WG has discussed granular assertions but have not gotten into detailed conformance discussions as of yet.

Next Face 2 Face:

WL: Seattle in September

WC: However, SP couldn't make it. Therefore, what if we went to SP? (SP is in Brighton Sussex)

WL: Make sure that minutes are in irc. Need a better phone system - everyone should be wearing headsets.

WC: Focus of next F2F?

KHS: Where is this group going? Purpose of ER?

WC: Working on tools to help ATAG and WCAG get through CR. Implementations of EARL. Need to do WART to show that it is "real."

EARL and MIME types:

SP: Link EARL from XWeb. EARL doesn't have a MIME type.

WC: Do annotations have MIME types?

SP: RDF, not officially listed MIME type. WCAG should be labeled for what it is. Namespaces help, if not XML rely on MIME types.

KHS: Possible to register?

SP: Yes, need RDF registered first. SVG uses the +xml, we would need to use +xml and +rdf.

WL: What can we do to enable author to enable EARL declaration?

SP: Http headers using RIDL. Could define new types of content w/URIs.

WL: what if you had a comment and code at beginning that made it something you could use.

SP: Like P3P labels and PICs. OR http-equiv attribute.

WL: Kludges are perjorative, but the whole thing is a kludge. Legacy is non-existent.

SP: That's what they did for CSS in HTML, a comment. WL I think there is some way to do it. Put meta anywhere

WL: I think there is some way to do it. Put meta anywhere.

SP: Serialze EARL in augmented meta data. Perhaps by qualifying some of the types.

WL: Idea of authors to make assertions is needed. Everything presumes a certain set of baseline capabilities/system requirements. One assertion that an author makes are the presumptions, e.g. you need IE7 to use this.


SP: XWeb, a language that he and Aaron are writing. It's a modularization of HTML, true separation of presentation from content. Allows multiple alternatives for content. Looked at using switch statements to determine which alternative to use. Packaging for reuse between documents. SP has URI, but not sure Aaron wants to publish to people yet. We all encouraged SP to prod Aaron to publish URI. SP said it had only been in development for about a week. Also talked about a note with Murray Altheim re: modularization of XHTML, augmeta.

Action SP: Send URI to list re: modularization of XHTML - augmeta.

WL: Need an abstract of EARL to take to DIWG.

Action WL: Summarize issues of DIWG and send to group so someone can write abstract of EARL for DIWG.

WL: Highlight things that make use or potentially make use of EARL.

SP: Machine-readable assertions required in WCAG 2.0?

WC: Not yet, have talked about granular assertions. Level A+

Next Meeting:

Monday, July 2th, 2001 @ the usual time. (20 hours UTC (+1-617-252-1038))

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