11 June 2001 WAI ER WG Telecon

Minutes taken by Wendy

In Attendance:

Action Items and Resolutions:



CR: Funding to work on tools? e.g., to add EARL to A-prompt.

WC: Possible interns from UW DOIT program, if programmers can steer towards stuff like that.

HB: What about WAVE?

WC: Would like to see what Temple comes up with.

HB: Won't be until September, need something sooner. What about recent grant to Colorado?

WC/CR: Don't know anything about.

Action HB: Will ask Jim Rebman about how the WAI activity might fit into the Colorado program. Will steer him towards Judy.

/* lots of bridge problems */

KHS : Agrees to go through Len's home page to bring references to WAI stuff. Assuming will go under EO.

Action HB: Will talk with Judy about adding references that KHS gleans from Len's page to WAI resources pages


SP: I had an actio nitem to chase up CC/PP and EARL. The author could have cc/pp settings, not sure what it is for. Perhaps context of "here are the cc/pp settings that are making the evaluation. needs to be more structured so we know exactly what the settings are and what expect back. We need a property should fit well together. Will go through again.

SP: Link to cc/pp setting that tool or author has. Send a request and result based on cc/pp settings.

WC: Way to report findings from tests on server-side generation.

SP: How to point at it from EARL.

WC: Anyone else doing?

SP: Not many implementations. Perhaps jigsaw.

WL: What does "XML representations of arbitrary languages(Javascript, CSS, etc.) (BNF to XML)" mean? http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/IG/#earl

SP: So that we can point into anything in EARL.

WL: Way to explore javascript for accessibility?

SP: Possibly.

WL: Concerned about this.

HB: Capture output stream and analyze it.

WC: Working slowly on a couple tools. Yes there will be a JavaScript techniques document.

Action WC: finish work on javascript stuff ASAP!!!

WL: What about Flash?

HB: Who working with?

WL: Don't think anyone working with, attended WAI meeting in December, haven't heard anything since then.

Action KHS: In contact with people for conference Len was putting together. Will put in contact with WL.

/* discussion about DIWG, EARL, RDF, namespaces, etc. */

WL: Could you send a note to DIWG about EARL?

Action WC: Get caught up on DIWG list (search archives for EARL) give some support why use.

WL: Working on requirements doc, benefit accessibility a lot.


Next Meeting:

18 June meeting is cancelled. Next is 25 June.

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