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WCAG review

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WCAG Comments through Aug 2013 includes some open issues that we did not send to the WCAG WG.

alt issue


  • The WCAG Working Group is still discussing appropriate ways to provide text alternatives for images -- specifically, is it OK to not provide an alt attribute and instead use ARIA attributes? We particularly request feedback on this issue and related techniques such as F65. See the examples and details at: ARIA10: Using aria-labelledby to provide a text alternative for non-text content]
  • WCAG list discussion and reply


EOWG perspectives on this issues:

  • summary - comment {name}
  • OK with ARIA10. modify F65? - I note that ARIA10 says, "Applicability: Technologies that support Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)." I wonder if "F65: Failure of Success Criterion 1.1.1" could be changed something along the lines of: "failure... due to omitting the alt attribute on img... unless provided by aria-labelledby in situations where WAI-ARIA is accessibility supported"? (would want a shorter title probably) {Shawn}

EOWG Comment

Suggestions for the specific comment wording to submit -- from and education and outreach perspective:

  • comment {name}


  • comment {name}


  • comment {name}