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Media Accessibility User Requirements

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Comments from EOWG on Media Accessibility User Requirements W3C Editor's Draft 14 December 2011



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  • Section 1, Media Accessibility CheckList: Suggestion: The media accessibility checklist is a treasure trove of detail for developers and implementers. This seems like a good place to mention something like: "Developers and implementers may want to refer directly to this checklist when implementing audio and video elements". {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
  • Section 3.1, Described video: DV-7: Clarification: Is the term "provider" meant to be the same as an author or user, or something else? Provider may be interpreted as broadcaster or cable company. {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
  • Section 3.5, Content navigation by content structure, Navigating ancillary content: Suggestion: The Mozilla Popcorn examples flow perfectly with this section...however, should specific examples like this be included? They might appear dated to future readers of this document. {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
  • General content: nit-picky suggestion: The words "alternate" (used 5 times) and "alternative" (used 54 times) are used in this document interchangeably. Instances of "alternate" as used in this document should be changed to "alternative". {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
  • copyediting:
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    • Abstract: Typo: " the needs of users with disabilties..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Abstract: Suggestion: language "Technology listed here is here because..." > "Technology is listed here because..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Abstract: Suggestion: language "This document is our inventory..." > "This document is an inventory..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Section 3.5, Content navigation by content structure: typo/grammar: "...newscasts have individual stories usually wrapped within a larger structures called news, weather..." > "...newscasts have individual stories, usually wrapped within larger structures called news, weather..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Section 3.8, Sign translation: typo: "Strong authoring guidance for content creator will..." > "Strong authoring guidance for content creators will..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Section 4.1, Access to interactive controls / menus, KA-6, note: typo: "...encouraging publishers to us @autoplay..." > "...encouraging publishers to use @autoplay...". {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Section 4.4, Production practice and resulting requirements: paragraph 6: typo: "It is a understood" > "It is understood..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}
    • Section 4.7, Requirements on the use of the viewport: VP-5: typo: "...where also controls are also usually rendered..." > "...where controls are also usually rendered..." {Paul, Feb 4, 2014}