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(Evaluation pages:)
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* [[Conformance Evaluation]] WCAG-EM Overview - status: complete (additional comments welcome)
* [[Conformance Evaluation]] WCAG-EM Overview - status: complete (additional comments welcome)
* [[Archived Work on PreLimEval]]
* [[Archived Work on PreLimEval]]
* [[Procurement Resources]] to be seeded on WAI-Engage Community Group wiki
* [[WAI-ARIA Overview]]
* [[Easy DD]]
* [[WAI in the community]]
* [[Liaisons with WPDocs, CGs, etc]]
* [[Resource update & SEO]]
* [[RD Symposia Design]]
* [[WCAG basic]] - short summaries of requirements
* [[WAI Website Redesign]]
==Technical Document Review==
==Technical Document Review==

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EOWG wiki

See the W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group EOWG home page for information about EOWG and our work.

Main Things

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Technical Document Review


  • EOWG review of technical documents should focus on understandability, approachability, and ease-of-use. Look at the introduction, abstract, background, use cases, and other such sections. You can usually skip the technical sections.
  • Make sure the Overview page is linked early in the Introduction and in the Abstract, as appropriate.
  • Have a pretty high "filter" — that is, we usually will comment only on significant issues and not bother with minor things.
  • Remember these are technical specifications/standards and have a different audience, format, and purpose that EO docs.
  • (If you have comments on technical aspects beyond the education & outreach perspective, please submit them yourself.)
  • Please write your comments as we would submit them as formal EOWG comments to the public-comments list.
    • Clearly indicate where in the document your comment applies. Provide a link to where it is in the document.
    • Briefly describe the issue.
    • Provide suggestion for revision. (EOWG can help refine this, but please provide a draft.)
    • See EOWG - Comment effectiveness e-mail
    • (Optionally, you can include additional notes for EOWG consideration or discussion.)