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Action Items

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Anna Belle








  • Review minutes from missed meetings
  • Complete Actions for All EOWG as time permits
  • [open] think about listing education & training on WAI-Engage & send ideas to Sharron & Shawn (per e-mail subject "RE: University programs and more" updated August 20, 2013 7:03 AM)
  • [first round done, follow up needed?] review EOWG training resources and send Shawn & Sharron ideas on what future EOWG work might overlap with Howard's grant work. (See e-mail from Shawn on 16 March with subject "Fwd: Resources -- Re: invite to meeting at CSUN on Universal Design Curriculum" and one that's not in that e-mail Using BAD for training)



  • Review minutes from 11-22, missed meeting
  • [open (low priority)] review How People with Disabilities Use the Web and see if non-screen-reader text-to-speech programs used by sighted people with reading disabilities are adequately addressed, and if not, send suggestions to
  • [done] Review Easy Checks draft in WAI pages. Leave comments on the Easy_Checks wiki page related to how usable, understandable the document is for someone new to accessibility and to this approach.
  • [done] Draft a better distinction of the different tpes of screen readers / text readers for further discussion by the group -
    fully-featured screen readers (e.g. JAWS) vs more simple screen readers (e.g. Read and Write Gold) vs embedded text readers (e.g. BrowseAloud)




  • [Open] Work with Paul on intro suggestion for IndieUI IndieUI wiki comments
  • [preparing for Jan-Feb] Launch ATAG outreach efforts after TPAC with expectation that CR status will be resolved.
  • [pending reply from Judy] Check with Judy on issues with Selecting and Using Authoring Tools for Web Accessibility
  • [pending reply from them] Schedule follow up phone meeting with Navigation design volunteer
  • [done (we decided previously not to include check for focus going to error message and I think saying more about the method used in BAD -- to change the title -- would also be too much. in the section "To practice checking form labels and errors with BAD", I added: "the page title includes 'Submission Failed'." so it's covered there. {Shawn}] Write error message check for Easy Checks Forms section that incorporates method actually used in BAD
  • [DONE] review UAAG and recruit Andrew to help
  • [DONE] Draft notes on tutorials visual design polishing (like Symposium Design specs but much simpler) and get back to Andrew's contact. Design specs and notes on Tutorials wiki page 12 Nov update: Sent follow-up email, copied Shawn and Andrew.
  • [DONE] Round 2 response to Easy Checks comments in WAI editor's list.
  • DONE: [Language drafted in wiki] (with Wayne) Meet to craft draft outreach language for specific target groups of ATAG outreach.


  • Request re-consideration of TF disposition of suggestion to link to or reference Introduction to Web Accessibility document since it is in fact, stable enough to be referenced.
  • [open, medium priority] AAA good — Draft some words that might go into "Understanding" and/or "QuickRef" to encourage people to look at AAA requirements and move beyond the AA level adopted by many countries
  • [open, low priority] wcag2ict Overview edits
  • [open, low priority] consider style guide for TR things like definition links, code, etc... (Wayne has code action item)

  • [done] send comments resolutions to VC
  • [done put it in the wiki as it applies to images and maybe others as well] Add placeholder link to future Forms tutorial in Easy Checks "Learn More" section
  • [done] Rewrite Plain Content View in Easy Checks as Basic Structure Check.
  • [done] EOWG look at tutorials visual design polishing ?
  • [think not needed per 19 Nov e-mail] to look for the language used when WCAG 2.0 was nearly final - Something like WCAG 1 still being the official standard, but WCAG 2 is the one we want you to start using (refer minutes 15/Nov)
  • [done] propose Easy Checks completion schedule





[done] Test the percentage increase that IE's 'view / text size / largest' gives (and the number of Control +s needed to get to 200% in other browsers)

  • [Open] Explore possible F2F venues related to CSUN.
  • [Open] (with Suzette) Skype meeting to plan next steps in the use of BAD as teaching tool.

[done] (with Sharron) Meet to craft draft outreach language for specific target groups of ATAG outreach. Launch outreach efforts after TPAC with expectation that status will be resolved.

  • [open - will send comments]</span> Review WAI-ARIA User Agent Implementation Guide
  • [open (no deadline)] Write a proposal for how W3C write code samples for all documents.
  • [done] 2013-08-16 - along with Anna Belle, come up with best practice accessible and attractive figure/figcaption code - in particular as shrink browser width multiple image boxes don't remain unduly wide or at least left-aligned caption stays aligned with images instead of floating way left of them - ref:


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