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ATAG review

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ATAG 2.0

ATAG 2.0 Last Call Working Draft
Note: It's ready for Candidate Recommendation so hopefully any suggestions are non-substantial copy edits.

  • comment {name}
  • consider changing from "XYZ must ABC" to "XYZ are ABC", for example: from "Editing-views must be perceivable" to "Editing-views are perceivable" {Shawn}
  • Change PRINCIPLE to Principle, and PART to Part {Shawn}
  • Introduction is very good. The description of overlapping user groups is effective. { Paul 7/30 }
  • Introduction, Notes, item 2: use of parens around "...and related terms, such as..." is awkward. Suggest removing them. { Paul 7/30 }
  • Introduction, Notes, item 2: "content that would conform to WCAG 2.0..." is missing close quote. { Paul 7/30 }

ATAG Overview

ATAG Overview

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  • Change "What is in ATAG 1.0" to "What is in ATAG 2.0" and point to new ATAG at a Glance {Shawn}

    I concur - seems confusing to first point to old version {Howard, 1 August}
  • Add info about Implementing ATAG doc {Shawn/Jeanne}
  • Intro - second paragraph - bullet out 2 parts, eg: (ATAG) 2.0 provides guidelines for designing web content authoring tools that are both:
    • more accessible to authors with disabilities and
    • designed to enable, support, and promote the production of more accessible web content by all authors.{Shawn/Jeanne}
  • Add something like: ATAG 2.0 is organized into layers:
    • Parts: Part A provides a more accessible tool and Part B produces more accessible content
    • Principles: high level Principles that organize the guidelines
    • Guidelines: basic goals that developers should follow
    • Success criteria: testable statements that the authoring tool meets {Shawn/Jeanne}

ATAG at a Glance

ATAG at a Glance

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  • Next to last bullet item under "Editing-views must be operable" needs rewording. "Manage preference settings" should be something like "Allow author to manage preference settings" or "Allow keyboard access to preference settings"{Howard, 1 August}
  • link to glossary for "Editing-Views" and "in-market user agents" would be helpful{Howard, 1 August}
  • When reviewing this I wished I could link from bullet items to more information. What about linking bullet points to appropriate place in ATAG 2.0?{Howard, 1 August}

Implementing ATAG

Implementing ATAG 2.0 Working Draft

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