ISSUE-99: A.1.2 - web based authoring tools should not be exempt

A.1.2 - web based authoring tools should not be exempt

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Andrew Ronksley
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Sally Cain, RNIB: This guideline states that it does not apply to web based authoring tools user interface functionality. Why is this?
Is this because AT interoperability in web based authoring tools is covered off in A.1.1?  In my experience, the importance of the access technology to get to programmatical information in web-based authoring tools is the key to accessibility. At the moment we are not aware of an accessible web-based authoring tool that provides an accessible user interface.
With developments in ARIA it is encouraging that AT will be able to recognise applications and use them when they are within a webpage.
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Andrew Ronksley (08/09/08) I think Sally makes a good point here. For a lot of Part A, we should be able to refer to existing software accessibility guidelines, although as far as i'm aware, these don't really address web applications completely?

Some further comments from Sally - "I am pleased that they will be referring to other standards although there is not much evidence of this yet. At least I would like to think that they could refer to the ARIA standard as it is particularly relevant when developing Authoring Tools using web technologies."

Andrew Ronksley, 8 Sep 2008, 14:39:09

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