ISSUE-94: Glossary – user Interface

Glossary – user Interface

ATAG 2.0 Guidelines
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user interface
The display and control mechanism that authors use to communicate with and operate the authoring tool software. Authoring tool user interfaces may be non-Web-based or Web-based or a combination (e.g., a stand-alone markup editor with on-line help pages). Authoring tool user interfaces can be considered in two parts:
 [RS]Chrome is now web pages?
 [JR]Right – as I said before I’m open to better terms…basically we need to cover everything the developer is responsible for.

 [RS]User interface is user interface.  There are technical differences; however, not at this level.
 [JR]I’m open to discussing this

An accessible authoring tool user interface is one that meets the success criteria in Part A (i.e., does not include any authoring tool user interface accessibility problems). The level of accessibility is determined by the levels of the satisfied success criteria.

[RS Deleted the following] # Content display: Any parts of a view that represent the content being editied. This includes: plain text content (but not the containing box controls). # content renderings.
 [RS1]By any standard definition this is NOT user interface
 [JR2]We’ll need to discuss this.
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