ISSUE-91: B.3.2.1 “sequence” is unclear

B.3.2.1 “sequence” is unclear

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Reed Shaffner
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B.3.2.1 Sequencing Features: Function that sequences authoring actions (e.g., image insertion dialogs, templates, wizards) provide any accessibility prompts relevant to the content being edited at or before the first opportunity to successfully complete the function.
 [RS1]Hhow is an image insertion dialog a ‘sequence’? 
When is the function ‘complete’?  I’d argue it’s not when the dialog goes away, it’s when the image is fully integrated with the other content (which could be yet to be created).
 [JR2]Image insertion “wizard” probably makes more sense. The problem with saying the function is complete upon integration is that there may not be any author interaction then and it would be nice to have accessibility-awareness integrated without the need for too many additional prompts
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Removed image insertion as an example and only left "wizards"

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 00:23:22

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