ISSUE-89: B.2.5.4 Recording the accessibility of a template is unrealistic

B.2.5.4 Recording the accessibility of a template is unrealistic

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Reed Shaffner
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B.2.5.4 New Templates: If authors can use the authoring tool to create new templates for use by a template selection mechanism, they can record the accessibility status of the new templates.
 [RS1]This seems like the wrong way to do this.  How do authors realistically know the status of a template?  Some authoring tools have hundreds of millions of users and there is no way they can all accurately anticipate accessibility end to end.  As a metaphor, imagine putting a hundred million people in front of a tomato, how many people would classify it as a fruit and how many as a vegetable?  And that’s much simpler…
 [JR2]We’re presuming that it’s the output of a checker tool not the author’s personal opinion.
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It is labelled as "can". Changed to "have the option".

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 00:08:55

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