ISSUE-88: B.2.5.3(a) is too difficult. Should be level AAA

B.2.5.3(a) is too difficult. Should be level AAA

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Reed Shaffner
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B.2.5.3 Template Selection Mechanism: If authors are provided with a template selection mechanism, then both of the following are true:
o (a) Indicate: the selection mechanism indicates the accessibility status of templates,
 [RS1]For level A?  This is INCREDIBLY difficult.  This should probably fall to level AAA as it requires automation. 
 [JR2]I think it needs to be here if we allow inaccessible templates…otherwise how will authors know which choices to make?
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This does not require automation. 4, and 5 could go together into AA. The three of them are related, but 3 can be done in a static way.

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 00:07:08

Added a phrase (if known). Reed is satisfied.

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 21:03:04

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