ISSUE-84: B.2.4.3 is unclear what is meant by “Object Database”

B.2.4.3 is unclear what is meant by “Object Database”

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Reed Shaffner
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B.2.4.3 Acceptable Sources: Authoring tools only supply equivalent alternatives from the following sources:
o (a) Author-Entered: equivalent alternatives previously entered by authors for the same non-text object (e.g., by the same author, or another author on a collaborative system),
o (b) From Object Database: equivalent alternatives stored with the non-text object in an object database (or equivalent), or
o (c) Null when Appropriate: null equivalent alternatives for non-text objects that the authoring tool can detect are only used for visual formatting.
 [RS1]What is this [object database]?  Sorry, probably my ignorance here.
 [JR2]Clip art database etc…..maybe we can drop “object” or maybe there is a better word?
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Reed satisfied.

Jeanne F Spellman, 29 Jul 2008, 16:28:06

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