ISSUE-59: A.3.4.2 Move to Part B

A.3.4.2 Move to Part B

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Reed Shaffner
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A.3.4.2 Navigate By Element Type (content display): If an editing view displays a structured element set, authors can move the editing focus forward/backward to the next identical or closely related (e.g., in the case of headers) element.
 [RS1]Should be in Part B.
 [JR2]See above.
 [RS3]This is ambiguous.  I think we may mean text mark with a heading.  But that also needs to be defined.
 [JR4]I just meant allow navigation from h1 to h2 even though they are different elements
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this was incorrectly attributed to Jeanne. Changed to Reed.

Jeanne F Spellman, 1 Aug 2008, 19:34:20

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